An Apology

Hi there friends! I have a big batch of pictures for you, but first I want to apologize for something. Some kinda shaky emotional stuff ahead, Content Warning (CW) in effect.

I started this blog 4784 days ago (little over 13 years) and over that time I’ve had a great deal of correspondence with some really wonderful people. I have also received kind letters and messages from people that I haven’t responded to, despite my best intentions. Part of this is the sheer amount of mail, things getting lost, I have lost a number of accounts over the years etc. So some of it has been accidental on my part, but other times I don’t feel my advice is worthwhile or periods where i’ve retreated from the world, lost track of the important things.

I know i’m not obligated to respond to everyone, I’m not Ringo Starr, and a good amount is not worth responding to such as the overly crude messages, demands etc. Besides those outliers, I have had some really geniuine people write me and I haven’t responded, or responded and never followed up, and it makes me sad that I may have dissapointed some people just trying to reach out. And for this I apologize.

With that all said, when you’re writing someone online, especially someone who you can imagine receives a huge amount of mail, pointed questions and relevant compliments are good places to start. I get a fair amount of requests from people looking to chat or initially only have relationship motivations in mind, those I feel less motivated to answer. I am always open to new people but I also have some serious barriers to entry, mostly because I only have so much mental energy to respond.

If you are trying to date me (I’m not trying to date anyone ATM) then get to know me first, and if you want to get to know people online, offer them something. That sounds shady, but that something doesn’t have to be financial, it can be a new perspective on things, a compliment, a clever opinion, give the person a reason why they would want to respond. Sell yourself. It’s a gamble, you could take the time to write beautiful prose to an E-Girl (lol) and those messages could go in the trash or spur a wonderful new friendship, or you could write “hi I wear diapers too want to chat” and be 100% likely it’ll end up in the dustbin… to misquote Paul McCartney, the love you give is equal to the love you get.

I’ll go more into internet etiquette in time and some people are better at this than I am, I’m one of those introverts trapped in an extroverts body. Sometimes people are too much for me and it’s something I’m working on. It’s important to me to have these 1 on 1 discussions with people, make friends, and maybe even help people feel better about themselves. I do feel a great deal of regret about some of the people I’ve left behind… John Lennon said “Count your life by smiles, not tears”, and i’m trying to brings the balance of smiles up.

I felt the need to say this because I don’t want to hurt people, directly or indirectly. I feel I have hurt some people’s feelings over the years, especially when I’ve welcomed correspondence and then left people hanging. Some of those people are no longer alive, and while there’s nothing I can do about that, I can try to be better about it moving forward. So i’ll be continuing through my very full inbox and getting back to folks in due time, and if we’ve lost touch, feel free to get back to me.

No guarantees, but I’m trying to do better. If you’ve Got Your Mind Set On Me feel free to send a message my way, not currently looking for partners or playmates, but always interested in discussion among fellow diaper people. It’s gonna take patience and time, but I want to do it right ❤

On to the pictures! If you can’t tell, I’ve been loving these Northshore MegaMax ❤ First 4 pics are bedtime, last 7 is the very soggy morning after.

Thanks for listening. More stuff soon!

Song of the day: The Boxtops ~ “The Letter” ~~ Soulful beyond his 17 years, Alex Chilton shows why he’s the singer people write songs about.

7 thoughts on “An Apology

  1. You your butt looks sexy in north shore megamax diapers and your a precious baby girl diaper butt and I love your content it’s adorable and amazing

  2. I am curious as to why you gave the Hexa & Co crap such a glowing review? Was it purely from a monetary standpoint? I had my doubts that their products were any good, they appeared to be nothing by repackaged Wal-Mart brand junk. I even had my doubts that they were a legitimate company.

    Your review piqued my curiosity enough that I signed up for the “trial pack”. This required a subscription that would be automatically charged unless canceled. Of course the “trial pack” arrived on a Friday afternoon with the subscription set to start that weekend.

    As soon as the package was opened it was very apparent that they were, in fact, just Assurance brand crap. The company was gone already and was not in on the weekend. I followed their instructions to cancel and they didn’t follow through, charging me for a months’ supply. They shipped the crap anyway and charged me a ridiculous amount for it. A month later they tried again, even though I had cancelled several times at this point.

    Luckily the young ladyI talked to that time was very nice. She was not the least bit surprised at the “mix up” and them charging me. She VERY kindly ensured the subscription was cancelled, refunded me for the previous month, and then told me to keep the previous shipment (I did not, I took it to a thrift store). She told me many people did not like the products or the service and they were discontinuing.

    I just looked them up again and see that their website is still active, and they are still peddling Wal-Mart crap. Their website is still suspiciously non-functional with the exception of signing up for the service. It is clear to me that they are indeed a scam. I’m not sure that their intentions were ever any good. I honestly feel that they are a scam and have always intended to be one.

    So…I gotta know, why did you give them such a glowing review? I’ve been dying to ask, and with your current resurgence, coupled with this post, I decided to ask. I know that that review closely coincides with your disappearance, and I absolutely how tough things can get. It just kinda surprised me a bit that you’d help push something like that. I haven’t watched your most current post of product review because I don’t trust you anymore. I would just like to hear from you as to why you’d support them. Or, if you REALLY liked their product and service, I’d like you to review Assurance brand crap and explain to everyone how awesome it is.

    Sorry for getting a little mean hear at the end, I did not intend to. It’s just a bit painful to bring this up again. Your review almost set me back over $100 and it still gets under my skin. I guess I’m just looking for a bit of closure on this.

    • Are you implying that I was paid by them to review that? I can assure you that if I am sponsored by a company, I’ll fully disclose it, and I’ll say 100% that I had no contact with that company, and in fact went on a rant about their awful service in the past, and I unlisted that video a while ago.

      I don’t recall that video being so positive but maybe i’m wrong, I didn’t even think it was a review just an unboxing video. I hadn’t made a video in a while and wanted to do something positive, It was maybe the only YT video i did that year. I suppose it may have been irresponsible to not so emphatically talk down about the product, but that was a while back and also a fairly rare sort of service/design that I mainly talked about.

      Went back and skimmed through it…

      It wasn’t a review, it was an unboxing, meaning I was seeing it for the first time.

      I feel their product did decline from what I see in the video, and I agree they are terrible and have said before that their product/company is sleazy, the video is not available on Youtube. Sorry that company is terrible, they jerked me around too.

      The “Your Mileage May Vary” disclaimer is implied in each review, if a product doesn’t work for you, please don’t feel like I’m being shady or whatever, I have always and will always disclose any sort of sponsorship.

      I really wasn’t publishing a lot of videos at that time, so I don’t know who would even sponsor me, let alone some random corporate entity that would never market to ABDL folks anyway. Kinda bummed that anyone would think I was this shady, that someone would just jump to the conclusion that i’m some untrustworthy shill, i’ve always tried to be really forthcomjng here.

      I was just about to fall asleep, my glasses are off as I write this, instead I spend a half hour defending allegations that i’m some hack. Glad you got that off your chest, i’m going to sleep.

  3. Riley,
    You do not need to say you’re sorry. I wear cloth diapers and I feel Its my life to do whatever I want. I just wish I had the guts to do what you do. If I may say so It s not your responsibility to order diapers you gave your opinion, If I were to order I sure as hell would know what was going on. So Rich pull up your panties and tough it out. I agree with Brandon Your diapered butt looks mighty fine.

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