BetterDry Diapers Video Review!

Its new review Tuesday and I’ll be talking all about the BetterDry diapers today!

A few things I wanted to add, first, the plastic can rip on the front if you try to remove the tapes too hastily, I never have this issue because the double tapes allow easy removal and I usually the tapes right the first time. The plastic may rip during removal, but the double tapes make this a non-issue most of the time. Crinklz sells a Small and XL size and I have heard reports of the outside designs of Crinklz rubbing off but have never experienced myself.

Other than that, you’ll find this review to be very ecstatic about this diaper, I was questioning the 5 Bear review at first, but after wearing one today I realize this is truly one of the comfiest, safest, best feeling when wet diapers out there. I need to talk more about things like wet-feel more in videos…

I also plan to talk about the Northshore MegaMax, a diaper that’s a tough contender in terms of quality. Also a ton of requests for the Always Discreet have come in, though I’ll need to go out and find some of those, I’ve had bad luck locally. Perhaps I’ll take it easy and review 2 brands of Generic Briefs… So many diapers!

Top two pics are last night, bottom two are this morning, I was very soggy! Just waddled around all morning in my full diapers and footy sleepers, a very nice way to start the day 🙂

Hope everyone has a lovely warm week and more stuff very soon! Hope you like the video, spread it around and tell your friends!

StayDiapered ❤

4 thoughts on “BetterDry Diapers Video Review!

  1. Very nice revue, but I still prefer my cloth. By the way you are so cute would you like to be changed💦💦💦LOL just kidding🍭no I’m not😘

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