Ducks and Diapers

I had a fun day recently 🙂 I was making a little video in the morning and decided to stay in my Depend diapers and go out for a ducky day 🙂

It’s been cold lately so I’ve been bundling up, I told myself this winter I wouldn’t get into the habit of just bundling up, less jeans and more skirts and warm stockings. Warm tights are essential and few things feel comfier than pulling your tights over your diapers, that safe and warm poofy padded bottom feeling. Unfortunately my favorite purple tights have been wearing out lately, need to do some warm tights shopping. I had to pull my tights down in the car just too see how wet I was, but I guess I could have just felt it through the ripped tights. I was very wet 🙂

I hungout with the duckies and came home pretty wet. These are just Depend so I needed to change as soon as I got home, but I couldn’t help taking some upskirts first. I think I changed into a clean one and took a little nap, dreamed about ducks and diapers.

Just a simple day crinkling around town, thanks for reading and I hope you like the pictures! New video review tomorrow of the BetterDry diapers, and more pics and stories and fun soon!

4 thoughts on “Ducks and Diapers

  1. Riley, you and your duck day was marvelous. You’re so right you need another pair of tights, but we won’t hold it against you. You are right it looks as if you need a change. Great shots of your diaper.

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