This post isn’t about pups or anything like that, I just thought Pupdate sounded cute 😛 Going to post a few pics and a few thoughts, mostly about adult industry stuff, so CW for that.

I’ve been hurtin’ the last couple weeks, I got a really bad sore throat and since then I’ve just been kinda lethargic and miserable but regardless, good things are happening in life. I always have trouble acclimating to this freezy winter weather plus I had laser the other day so I’m kinda hiding from people and the sun, basking in my natural hermitude (hermitage?). During this time I’m focusing on getting my camming/adult content going, the following paragraphs expand on my plans, I’m mostly just going over it in my own head so this may be of interest only to other content creators.

I’ve got a 3 stage plan, basically setting StayDiapered up, then StayKinky, then managing both consistently. I need to build up these sites so I have the platform to distribute content and the organization to deal with possible de-platforming. I’ve lost accounts on YT and Insta multiple times, as well as sites shutting down (iFriends) or restricting content (tumblr), so I’ve learned to be mobile and flexible. You’re stuck with me internet, i’ll make my content available flaggers be damned.

My StayKinky content has and will be much less ABDL focused, “Sadie Hawkins” lets me control where the clicks lead, I want people googling Riley Kilo to land here not on my more explicit content. Many of my industry friends thought it was a bad idea because it’d lessen the SEO etc of my name, but I did it because it’s the right thing to do for the content i’m trying to make. I’d like to do what I can to legitimize certain aspects of the ABDL community, often through print and media appearances and the porn stuff just confuses things.

Total aside here, but I have a feeling many people in these kink/porn/lifestyle social media circles see it as something they are passing through, seeing it as more of a job not a career. Not everyone’s a lifer, there’s a million valid reasons to walk away (stress, age, fans, privacy, safety) sometimes you just find the stability that a good job would grant you and retire, not criticizing people that drop out for whatever reason. Part of the reason why I took a break, left LA, is I needed to not burn out. I had deep unresolved personal issues, getting into shoots and situations that were not healthy or positive.

I was burning out physically and mentally and facing the dread of every artistic person, compromising my integrity. I am also INCREDIBLY cautious about STIs, and found companies I worked with weren’t as concerned as I was. I’m 100% STI free, no shame if you’re not, I’ve had therapists tell me that my worries lean more towards phobia than the common fears one would have about STI’s. It’s something that has changed my perspective on sex work, and is likely related to my overall trust issues, anxiety about my health and just generally being a wreck in terms of relationships. I’m a good friend and a gentle, caring lover, but could probably use some work in the girlfriend department.

These are complaints about the industry as a whole and I have been reluctant to talk about this flippantly, this stuff is for a book not a random aside, so i’ll leave it at that for now. Also, Wendy Summers has always been good people, none of my criticism of the trans porn industry should be associated with her, she’s golden.

With all that said, I’m finding a comfortable space for myself when it comes to content. I plan on making more naughty Diaper content outside of my YT videos, but there’s significant restrictions put on that when camming/posting to most sites. It also doesn’t grant me the steady income that lingerie and camshows does. I do plan on working with other models once I get filled up with solo content, as well as collabs with other ABDL community members/creators.

These things will take time, and I plan as my sites grow i’ll branch out into publishing a few short stories as well as some long form smut. Even further down the road I’m considering getting my old Transcaping (aka LetsGetSRS) going with some more mainstream YT content, gaming stuff, movie reviews, perspectives on being trans etc. I’ve got some serious creativity pent up in these bones and I’d love to share as much as I can.

I’ve always wanted to make a career of this. I’ve supplemented it with service jobs, sex work and self-owned businesses unrelated to sex, but now I’m really focusing on the long term. Going to school to get some sort of certification, likely in social work. I want to really understand the language and clinical aspects of these things that I so constantly discuss, and a proper education/certification could lend legitimacy to what is ostensibly a life-long study of unique human behavior. Also, as I get older, my caregiver side grows stronger and I always anticipated being a legit pro-mommy someday. I’ve done my share of paid pro-mommy stuff in the past, but never with any real structure and usually more focused on sex acts. Riley’s Wonderland Nursery will be a thing someday, just gotta build up and up.

I have a feeling things are going to be crescent fresh from here on out, I know what i’m doing and where I want to go with all this, I’m flexible and ready for changes, drama, hate mail, I’m tuff and ready! You can’t keep a good diaper girl down, I plan on posting until I’m old and grey and I hope you’ll follow me on this journey ❤

Now for more pics! Just a bunch of morning/night pics, I’ve been wearing to bed almost every night, been such a good girl 🙂 Bears back in diapers too 😛

Stay warm and Stay Diapered! Big hugs and thanks for reading ❤

Today’s Song – Dinosaur Jr – Start Choppin – The chunkiest guitar, music for walking to work on a cold winter day.

6 thoughts on “PupDate

  1. It’s been wonderful reading this. Before I respond to the content, I want to preface by saying it’s been an incredible experience keeping up with Riley and Sadie alike for so many years. You seem like a very intelligent and strong individual and quite a rollercoaster of a life no less! The moves you’ve made in the country from coast to coast, the involvement in sexual and lifestyle education, tv show appearances, interviews, etc. It’s been so inspiring as a lifestyler(and simply an individual) to see how youve rolled with the changes and struggles and know that by the end of the day you acknowledge that you have these followers that you believe deserve to know where you’ve been, and you don’t owe these internet strangers ANYTHING. So ,kudos. You’ve been blogging for at least a decade and you don’t force the content, it comes as it should and that makes for an awesome blog imo. You keep on doing you.

    I’m so excited to hear about your future plans! They sound so exciting for both you and your followers 🙂 I normally only lurk amongst the Internet surrounding the lifestyle and avid porn fan, but Riley, you’re something special, and between your pip culture references, media critiques and affinities, ability to write very well, and of course you’re impeccable taste in music, I feel like if we would be pretty good friends in the real world 🙂 perhaps that’s probably why I’ve enjoyed your content for so many years ? Haha

    I’m happy for you and am cheering you on for your vocational treks.

  2. As always nice to read your thoughts, opinion, and perspective. My favorite posts! Also awesome to read you have set up goals and aspirations for yourself. Look forward to reading about your plans to make them happen though. What would you like to be posting this time next year? What’s the priority? What will it take for you to achieve it?

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