Always Discreet Video Review!

Hi there friends, I have a new highly requested video, covering the Always Discreet Maximum/Overnight Maximum Pull-ups!

A couple notes ~

Both diapers have absorbent gel in them, but the Maximum (green package) is mostly made of a cellulose material e.g. cotton absorbent core, where the Overnight Maximum (purple package) has much more gel and swells up much more like a baby diaper.

I have personally never tried the Attends Premiere, but they look much more like the higher-end Pull Ups.

As I’ve said before, if i’m affiliated/sponsored by anyone I will make it known. I have successfully ordered things from Wearever, but BigTots and Haband I can’t speak for.

I wish I would have shown off my tummy more, I always try to show how high up the diaper goes. It’s been freezing lately!

I have some more fun video ideas soon, will be covering the Northshore MegaMax, CVS/Rite Aid’s Generic Briefs, Cloth Diapers and other pressing AB/DL issues. Pardon the lack of video last week, I’m feeling much better and am excited to make some more fun crinkly videos!

Thanks for watching and more stuff soon!

Today’s Song – The entire Metal Gear Solid PS1 Soundtrack, for obvious reasons.

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