Miss Green Crinkles

Hi there! I got some new diapers in!

I have been loving the Northshore Supreme and Northshore Megamax, so I thought I’d try these Supreme Lights. I have mixed feelings about colorful diapers, I do like cute looking designs especially like the BunnyHopps, but most diaper designs don’t really do it for me. It’s not an issue with the actual designs themselves, I just like plain white diapers so much! I like diapers that actually show off the wetness, a big poofy white diaper with an obvious wetness indicator, like the Abenas, are the best.

So I was cautious about these, I wasn’t sure if the overall color would have that effect. But as soon as I got them into my hands I realized that color isn’t the thing I should have been worried about. They’re made of this material that I can only describe as “newspaper-esq”, and are ridiculously loud. It’s not awful, they just feel weird kinda. When you’re wet they get really warm and almost feel wet to the touch on the outside.

That said, I do like them and I look forward to testing out the other 2 samples and doing a review eventually. Hope you like the pics, I’m writing this just before bed, i’m in an Abena now, no leaks tonight!

More stuff soon 🙂 Goodnite!

One thought on “Miss Green Crinkles

  1. Tried the NorthShore MegaMax the first time not long ago, and it is a nice change to not have to worry about leaks in the middle of the night. The diaper also swells a lot too, not unlike a Huggies Overnight.

    Design-wise, I like some simple design on the plastic part the tapes adhere to, though white is fine too. I don’t necessarily care for designs all over, nor do I like wetness indicators.

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