“24/7” scribbled on a wall

I’m about to tell you everything about my diaper feelings. Like a shipwrecked, starving sailor I want to carve my thoughts on a stone wall just so people will know that on December 28th 2019, this is what Riley Kilo thought about diapers and peeing her pants. I just woke up in my very wet Abena M4 and i’m ready to chat about diapers 🙂

So, lately I’ve been wearing to bed most every night and that’s been a wonderful thing. I have been 24/7 in the past but I’m pretty practical about it all. Even when 24/7 I use the big girl potty fairly often, especially to avoid messing my diapers. Right before bed if I’m in my diapers but need to use the potty to pee I usually will. I’m a sneaky babby, but I feel you have to pragmatic with these sorts of things when you do them so often, if only for skin health. I have some thoughts about finding the reality in your fantasies that I’ll share in the next post (if I ever get off this island) but today i’ll stay on topic.

I’ll stop daydreaming about bondage swings and locking plastic pants and get back to the point. I think in my head there’s a significant difference between wearing something that really protects and wearing “diaper panties” or unreliable diapers. When I go out there’s 3 ways…

“I’m wearing diapers because I plan to be a diaper wetting girl today and need something 100% protective”

“I’m wearing diapers but don’t plan on using them, I just want to wear diapers for comfort”

“I’m wearing panties (or no undies) because [insert excuse here]”

The times I don’t wear are usually if i’m going to do a great deal of walking, it’s too hot or because I’m just not feeling it, which is a tricky issue in the discussion ahead. While I have been happy with my diaper habits lately, I’d love to get more into consistent daily wearing and get back into a near 24/7 lifestyle, to get back to always having my diapers and wipes and everything a babygirl needs in my diaper bag, to always wear some sort of absorbent protection. If it’s reasonable from a financial and physical standpoint, I should remain in diapers indefinitely.

I know this is a loaded question, but why 24/7? This is something I ask myself often, and I think it comes down to setting standards for yourself. We all want some form of control over our own lives and we take that control in our own various ways. For me, setting the standard of “being a diaper girl” is a way for me to be a more self-realized person, to form a task and bring it to completion. It’s like getting a gold star for working out every morning or for not having alcohol for 271 days, it’s a happy rule to make and follow, one that makes me a better, happier person. Self Care is important! Even when I’m just “not feeling it”, I know I’ll be happier in the end if I take the time to get in my diapers.

I’ve been loving my comfy bedtime diapers and wearing occasionally during the day, but I think I’m ready to be 100% protected. With a few exceptions of course, mainly during fitness stuff, getting on planes or when i’m at home just airing out. But after my workout or after security I can put one back on.

Messing diapers is not a priority or big thing for me, I mostly expect to be wetting but I want to allow myself to use my diapers that way and not worry too much if it happens and i’m home safe etc. While messing isn’t something I do often, routine enemas that involve diapers are something I anticipate. I give myself enemas regularly for camming but I predict making a point to use my diapers after one is going to be common. I’m not really even thinking about “diaper training” or “un-potty training”, more just focusing on wearing day to day, not on how I’ll be a year from now. (Note: I just bought a new enema bag and bulb online while procrastinating. )

To really consider wearing 24/7, a few things are required to future proof my diaper wearing.

~ Diapers – I have tons of diapers of course, but they’re mostly random generics or ones that I’ve bought to review, I would say out of the maybe 300 diapers I have here, I only have about 30 “real” diapers that I would trust for a day out or for bedwetting. I need to stock up on more staples if i’m going to be wearing all the time. I shouldn’t ever be wearing something that leaks, unless i’m trying to be cute and romping around the house or something.

I think for 24/7 daytime protection, the Northshore Supreme or Supreme Lite, or a diaper in that category, like the Abena S4s, a mid-range diaper that fits me properly, something I won’t feel bad if I have to change and it’s not at capacity. Those Abena Pull-ups are great, I need to try the Northshore ones as well. I’m on a quest to find a couple products that fit me just right so I can always have the right diaper in the right situation.

~ Skin Care – This has always been my biggest barrier of entry when it comes to diapers. I have super-sensitive skin, and no regiment ever seemed to prevent rashes from extended wearing. With that said, I haven’t had a rash in a long time and I’m confident that with the right crinkles, care and creams, my skin can be safe from harm. I’ve been using Bourdauxs Butt Paste and making sure to not spend too much time in a soiled diaper, no matter how cute I look when I’m all wet and snuggly 🙂

~ Clothes – This is where I really excel, I have loooots of outfits, though probably 70% of my wardrobe are “Costumes” and the rest is everyday stuff, though even my everyday clothes are pretty cute. So I need to find clothes that I can wear to balance out, and find more everyday stuff that work well with diapers. I also need to figure out the best outfits for all the seasons now that I live somewhere with actual seasons.

For Winter I have a bad habit of just sticking with big coats and jeans/overalls, but sometimes you do need to dress that warm to weather storms. Overalls are really great with diapers, I just need some cuter ones that aren’t so baggy and unflattering. I also need more warm tights so I can wear dresses, I love the warm tights, poofy dress and big warm coat look. I also reaallly like Snowsuits especially with diapers, but it’s hard to find cute and affordable ones in my size.

For Summer, I can wear mostly cloth covered diapers and breathable dresses. I wear tights under my skirts/dresses anyway, but i’m getting more comfortable going bare -legged. I remember a time getting my skirt blown up crossing the street, where a crowded intersection in LA got a look of my big white diaper, someone even honked. I also think tights are cute in general, and it helps complete my thrifty/vintage cuddlecore look. So dresses, tights, lots of creme and powders and breathable diapers! I shouldn’t let the heat miser stop me from enjoying my diapers!

So with these powers combined I think 24/7 could be in my near future, especially since my very physical/social jobs dynamic has changed and i’m focusing more on internet stuff, camming etc. I’ll be more free in my clothing choices and have more little time etc. I plan to spend the next few winter months very soggy and very prolific, a creative little diaper girl.

Thanks so much for reading, When life is going good you should be thankful for what you’ve got, and i’ll take this opportunity, this good health and safe environment to focus on the positive things that make me truly happy. More stuff soon, including a upcoming post detailing some of my most thought about fantasies 🙂 Big hugs and StayDiapered!

(the first one was last night, and the others are from this morning)