Diaper University: Plastic Pants 101

Welcome Class! Ms. Riley is here to talk about Plastic Pants! Do settle down, I don’t want to put anyone over my knee!

I’ll be doing a video about Cloth Diapers soon that should fill in some gaps, as well as a Plastic Pants 201 video about different stores/brands. I’ve had a few pants recommended like these Softies and these Suprimas, and it seems Vinyl is more common than I thought. I mostly saw Vinyl in Medical Supply Shops, I have a pair that I like and please don’t be afraid to try them!

These will be an ongoing series as I get feedback and learn more, I’m trying my best to post fun, informational videos and hope I don’t stumble too much on the facts. I once read the best way to get information online is not by asking for it, but by stating the wrong answer and waiting for someone to correct you. Needless to say, i’m learning a ton from the comments, and pardon if I make a mistake!

Thanks for watching and more stuff soon ❤ Have a safe NYE, do something mischievous, don’t listen to these guys. Me and the bears will be cuddling at home, tomorrow’s post will feature a Glamour Magazine article I was quoted in talking about that, starting 2020 with a bang 🙂

Class adjourned, just line up at the door for your diaper checks, soiled students will be changed before recess in front of the class… I see you in the back trying to hide, I think you’ll be first…

One thought on “Diaper University: Plastic Pants 101

  1. Riley,
    I have a little information for you. I have been using plastic pants from Babykins.com been using them for years. They
    are very comfortable and are machine washable and low dyer. KINS Tuffy Vinyl Adult Plastic Pants were formerly known as the DPF Tuffy Pants. These pant are extremely soft and flexible, made from a long lasting medium weight 6 mil vinyl. They have a 1 inch elastic waist and sit higher on the waist. They also have a soft knit elastic leg bands. Easy to care for just machine wash and dry, per manufacture. I also use their heavy duty cloth diaper cant be any happier. So you can get washable and dryer plastic pants

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