Phantasies pt. 1

In a recent post, I talked about the realistic aspects of my diapered journey, the logistics of being a 247 diaper user. Today we’re going to swing far to the other end of the spectrum, and discuss some of my deepest fantasies, some of them unreasonable/impossible/only do-able with trained professionals, so don’t take this too seriously. I have done so many kinky, beautiful things with kinky, beautiful people, far beyond what I could have imagined, though I still have some things I’d like to do and have done to me. So, here’s some more imagining, fashioned as a serious of short smutty stories.

This is gonna get pretty graphic so put on your raincoat and goggles and we’ll begin. Let’s start off light, with a quiet winter morning in a suburban PA home…


A little squirell jumps onto the roof making a squirrely sound that wakes a dreaming Riley. She’d worn her thick Betterdry diapers to bed last night, she usually wets a few times in the morning before showering and starting the day so it’s nice to wake up in diapers. She calls them her bedwetting diapers, even though she’s never done it naturally save for a couple nights after too many drinks, but she was never diapered for those.

Riley is used to the squirrels, so she slowly lets the day unfold itself, she squints, feels the soft stuffed bunny she held all night. Riley shifts herself around, feeling the warmth of her footy sleeper, the bed and comforters and after reaching down, the warm wetness of her diapers.

“Did I wet my diapers before bed last night?” Riley thought, but she remembers going to bed dry and doesn’t remember waking and wetting in the middle of the night as she often does. Feeling the outside of what is a clearly soaked diaper, Riley realizes that after all these years of being diapered, she finally had an accident in her sleep. Her thumb immediately moves to her mouth, she squeezes the bunny as tight as she can, and a little tear runs down her cheek.

You’re a bedwetter Riley, you’ve soaked your diapers in your sleep and will need to be thickly diapered yo bed from here on out. Just continue to suck your thumb and feel your soggy diapers, you’ll have to get used to waking up wet… these thoughts ran through Riley’s head as she slowly drifted in and out of an early morning dreamy state, she wet her wet diapers a few more times that morning as she often does, got cleaned up and into a fresh diaper for work. She casually put an order in for another case of the Betterdry’s, just part of her routine in life, a bedwetting girl should have her bedwetting diapers.

At work, everyone was extra friendly, likely due to Riley’s bigger than usual smile today. One customer said she was “glowing” today, Riley smiled and answered “I had a goodnight, and an even better morning” and walked away with a spring in her step and a diaper on her butt, the happiest little bedwetter in the world šŸ™‚


Thanks for reading, i’ll be posting Audio versions of this and another previous post tomorrow. More stuff soon šŸ™‚

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