Oof. It’s been quite a tough few weeks but I’m coming out the other side, it’s not all bad or anything, just life challenges, relationship challenges, work challenges etc… but it’s all part of the recent exciting stuff happening, I’m just a little physically worn out. I did just get laser and that makes me hide a little bit as well as my face is out of sorts for a few days after.

Sitting here writing this, have the Senate trial playing on my phone. Trying not to get bugged out by politics, I did my bit this month for local politics and that’s where my attention lies for now. I’ve just been blah… I don’t know if it’s this deep winter, or just exhaustion due to so much happening at once… I haven’t even told you the big news yet.

I did visit my Doctor, and I got my hormones situation figured out, i’ll be taking Estradiol tabs and a low dose of Spironolactone. I’ll be starting to take them again very soon and I’ll be documenting as much as I can. Much more on this in the coming weeks.

I feel optimistic and babytrans about all this, I am convinced I’ll stay on them and have faith I’ll be able to stay consistent, works towards affording SRS, and just “get over” the medical/surgical part of my affirmation, if that’s the right word to use here. As I’ve said, my mindset of all the medical stuff is probably best spelled out here, I tried to paraphrase just now but some things can’t really be summed up that easy.

So I’m off to make a yummy dinner and get some rest, hope you like the cute little goodnites pictures, i’m gonna snuggled up in a Northshore (or BetterDry, the bears haven’t decided yet) and have a good night ❤ Hugs!

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