Fap Stories

Does anyone else read those really cheesy ABDL stories? Ones with those plots involving nurses diapering college students, strict institutions that enforce 24/7 diapering, ones with lines like “If you’re going to act like a baby, we’ll treat you like one!”

I’ve seen many, and even the one-hand typed ones with Sporadic capitalization or misspelings have evoked some excitement from me. I have a strong motivation to write some smut, but I don’t want to overthink it at first, maybe I’ll just write some absolute cheesecake, fan service, the kind of things I like to read. Throw out any expectations of serious character development or commentary on life, rather just write a bunch of paragraphs of…

~~ She could feel the diaper swelling up, “3 stops left” she muttered to herself, wondering if she’d make it home without flooding her diapers. Her housematron said she’d lose pull-up privileges if she leaked and she dreaded that, after the other girls teased that she would be back in thick diapers and plastic pants no more than one day after regaining her training pants privileges ~~

Writing that made me happy. I need to get in a big thick diaper, put on some good music and write kinky little stories of places where underwear’s not allowed and the first warning is always an enema.

Some of the one’s I see fairly front and center are ones that involve people of inappropriate ages, with clear references to “Jeremy was a sophmore in high school” or whatever, and I shan’t be doing that for obvious reasons. I was pretty surprised to see how much of that stuff there is on these sites, I suppose it falls under art, though it’s not like Vladimir Nabokov is writing these. I don’t plan or endorse any smutty stories that use minors, and frankly I didn’t feel that distinction would be necessary until I started randomly googling stories 😦

I did have an idea about an androgynous ingenue getting lovingly passed around by miners or sailors or whatever, like a sexual version of Liv Tyler in Armageddon, but that’s different and everybody will always be over 18 in my stories.

I’m talking about getting inspiration from Armageddon, so I should step away fro now. I have two big potatoes in the oven and some sun dried tomatoes and cheese que’d up, gonna have a big yummy dinner and watch Singin’ in the Rain, good night had by all 🙂

Hope you have a great night, more stuff soon! Feel free to chime in on the comments about who/what/where you like to read, or if this sort of content would be of interest to you. I’m thinking samples to start and then weekly chapters of on going stories and one-off editions, likely supported by a Patreon or something similar. Lots of ideas, putting them into action as I focus more and more on being the best babygirl content creator I can be!

Big hugs, hope you like these random crinkle pictures from my Twitter. I think these are all Betterdry pics 🙂

7 thoughts on “Fap Stories

  1. Blakeandwilson.com is a really good webcomics that does these tropes well while over time having some slow build character growth. I bough a cushypen membership just so I could read the rest. It is furries so be warned if that isn’t your cup of tea but I forgot that after a few dozen chapters

    • Thanks, I don’t usually go for the furry stuff but I have read some that’s pretty good and I’m not really opposed to it or anything. I’ll check that out very cool

  2. Write something, as the ones with constant spelling mistakes and terrible grammar just spoil the story for me, I can’t concentrate on, umm, getting excited. Maybe these writers need proof readers to help correct their mistakes?

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