Mobile Phloam

It’s been a really productive day. I got some new stuff that I haven’t really organized and had a lot of little things to do to make my space as comfortable as possible, some pre-spring cleaning to do, groceries, lots of little life things. I’m feeling clearer and less anxious than I have in weeks and things have settled down with the family drama. I do have some traveling ahead of me but I have a couple weeks to get ready, my tickets are booked things are going to be manageable and positive.

I literally haven’t turned my computer on all day, have been relying on my phone for podcasts, Welcome to Nightvale is always good, Weekly Planet/Caravan of Garbage has been fun on Youtube. That channel is new to me, two random geeky dudes that after hours of listening I haven’t heard anything particularly hateful or sexist/racist etc, just laughing at bad movies/silly comic stuff. I suppose I expect too little sometimes, but it’s been fun. Also shoutout to my favorite geeky channel, TheRealJims, takes deep dives into The Simpsons and as a massive season 1-12 fan, I love hearing his takes. Kinda dry and for hardcore fans, but a great listen.

So yeah, housecleaning, diaper stacking, podcast listening, it’s been a productive day and the bears helped a ton, they are good at organizing diapers 🙂

The first two photos are some cute new panties I bought today, followed by bear checking my diapers last night and my wet diapers this morning, and lastly two pics of me in Size 7 Baby Diapers from Dollar General, they kind of fit but the tapes come off easily, they work really well inside of other diapers. Expect to see lots of pictures of me wearing these because I really miss baby diapers and haven’t seen Size 7’s in a long time! I loves them 🙂

More stuff soon! Neat new piece of furniture announcement soon, followed by another exciting thing to share! Lots of good stuff to talk about and share, i’m going to snuggle up with the bears, think of all the friendly people in my life, especially some new friends and old friends I’ve reconnected with… good people, good stuff 🙂

Hope this post turns out OK, trying to get used to posting from my phone 🙂 Sweet dreams and bear hugs 🙂

4 thoughts on “Mobile Phloam

  1. Riley, you look adorable in those baby diapers! Would love to see more videos of you wearing/wetting those baby diaper. Keep up the great work!

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