More mobile

So, I organized my life on Saturday, organized my PC on Sunday and organized my bedroom today. I also picked up another pack of random Size 7’s (Kidgets brand from Dollar General) but they didn’t fit as well as the Gentle Steps brand ones. I have some other brands coming soon, i’m totally into them right now and it seems there’s more than ever 🙂

First pic is clean room panorama, next few are (some of) my diaper stash and little diaper displays so I have all different kinds of them ready for all different situations. And then there’s a little bunny relaxing in a crib and me in some ill-fitting baby diapers.

I’ve been backing up my nearly 2 TB of archived videos and photos over the years so I haven’t had much time to use my computer, but I also have like my next five videos roughly planned out so expect lots more sooooon! Oh, amd one of the announcements is still coming, but I guess I let one slip today… I got a crib!!! It’s just a little pack and play and I’ll tell you more about it soon 🙂

I hope everybody has a lovely day and night and I’ll be snuggling up with my crinkles and bears 🙂 Sweet dreams!

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