Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun

Those 6 Dun’s make sense in my head, a little jazzy beat. I’ve been watching Trème, a David Simon show about New Orleans after Katrina. It’s pretty great, the best stories are told around fascinating characters and like his other show The Wire, the acting and writing of the characters are all A+. The music is amazing as well even if you don’t particularly like Jazz, it has people like Steve Earle and Dr. John mixing it up. There’s been a couple moments that have really spoken to me, lots of feelings of finding your place in the world, dealing with loss and systemic issues related to class, race, place etc, really thoughtful show. I generally keep one David Simon show in rotation so I don’t lose touch of how good TV can actually be.

I’m talking about TV because I took a little rest today, did some shopping and ate at a Mennonite Buffet, lots of good American home cookin’. I bought some cute stuff, more Size 7 diapers that don’t fit and some 4t5t pullups that fit great, a Victorias Secret Snap-Crotch Onesie and a Pink bathing suit that looks so amazing on me, when I finally post pictures of it they’re going to shut this site down for overloading their cuteness servers. I also got a Vonnegut book, probably my favorite author 🙂

My birthday’s coming up… I hid the date for a long time because I wanted to do everything I could to keep discrete, but unfortunately the “Celebrity News” sites have done their research. Though some of their info is a little generous. I’d probably be less frustrated by my Tripod crumbling to pieces this week in the middle of filming if I made 6 figures, though I’d probably have a better Tripod to begin with.

So Birthday’s coming up, and I’m sure i’ll write a long, reflective post about how far i’ve come this year, how exciting all these positive changes are, how hard i’m working at making a career out of my videos and writing and other media, but for tonight i’m just going to listen to some Wilco and relax a bit. I’ve had such an intensely busy and positive week I don’t want to swing the other way, get exhausted or overwhelmed. I want to be doing this for the rest of my life y’know, gotta pace myself 🙂

So i’ll end with a couple randoms fun pics over the last few days, I also posted a slideshow of some fantastic pics on my MV site, but unfortunately I have to be cautious about posting that here. I have my annual WordPress.com payment coming up, the 100$ a year I pay for the extra features of this site, though they still could potentially take my site down if I’m linking to adult sites like they did with my staykinky one. I really need to get this site on wordpress.org (raw server space with no oversight vs WP.com’s content hosting and censorship) or build my own server so I have complete control and won’t get deplatformed. Unfortunately I have neither the time, money or knowledge to do that at the moment. I am building a new PC and may turn my old one into a server,  but it’s been a while since I did stuff like that. I used to be really into all that, now my PC knowledge is pretty surface level, i’m behind the times.

I feel constrained by it all, but it’s something I’ve decided to put on the backburner for now while I get other sites set up. Until I can afford to get it all figured out, I pay the 100$ and continue with these half measures and walking on eggshells. A good portion of my content will always be publicly available, my reviews, pics etc, but to make the best content possible I really need to monetize through sites like Patreon and ManyV’s. Of course my heart is still in the right place, this site will always be free and filled to the brim with cute content 🙂

Ok, now for pics and bedtime for this babygirl 🙂 Hope everyone has a snuggly evening and lots of fun stuff soon! Go check out my Twitter if you’re curious about that slideshow vid, or just type StayKinky into your computer. Have a wonderful night ❤

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