On the 45

I have been absolutely jamming out lately. A good emotional dipstick for me is how much music i’m listening to and my life has been filled with music. I do my best writing early in the morning with some good music playing, still in PJs and diapers spilling my little heart out. I’ve always been a bit warm blooded emotionally, i’m hyper aware of and influenced by my environment, I tend to get a little flustered from overreading peoples faces or feel really awkward when a comedian doesn’t get a laugh. On the flip side of that, the emotional reach of music can make me reallllly happy, really creative, perky and inspired.

I’m one of those record store employees they released into the wild when Tower Records shut down. I’ve never played anything except a little keyboard and mixing, I’m more of an appreciater than a participant in the grand scheme of things. I loooove Vinyl, and spent many years buying and selling it, working with a friends label, just being involved with musicians and bands and setting up shows. If you know DJ Shadow’s Midnight in A Perfect World, K Records was my main haunt besides Tower. Unfortunately lost to entropy or a new basketball stadium, not sure which came first.

I used to produce these little Second Saturday shows in Sacramento with a small performance art group I started after High School. We did parking lot shows, wild stuff like putting a stage in the back of a van and ambushing coffee shops and State buildings with music, I miss my wild performance art group. There’s videos out there of it that maybe i’ll share downthe road. I’m starting to sound starry eyed and nostalgic, the point is Music has always been incredibly important to me, and it’s been nice to get back in touch.

When you’re suffering from depression and pain, the things you love seem to wilt and fall off, one petal may be family, another friends, or music, or writing, or dancing. I was pretty bare, just stem and seeds, and now I feel like a bright little sunflower. A strong stem to withstand the wind, lots of little petals keeping me bright and big healthy leaves to protect others from the elements. They took a while to grow back, but they grew back stronger than ever.

I’m starting to reach with my metaphors, I almost made one about hairy backs and waxing, so here’s the crescendo of this post, some adorable pics from today 🙂 When I’m feeling really self-indulgent I’ll make a list of some of my favorite musicians to share but for now I hope you enjoy the pics and have a lovely evening full of soft, dulcet tones (or thrash metal, whichever you prefer).

I have been enjoying ending my nights with sharing my thoughts here, thanks for reading and following my journey 🙂 And LISTEN TO THE MOUNTAIN GOATS!