Laser Tease

I’ve been such a tease, but I have been getting stuff going behind the scenes and there’s some exciting stuff ahead ~ Just making a quick little pic post tonight, then more stuff very soon 🙂

First two are a soggy Riley this morning, followed by getting ready for my Laser appointment, Panda came with me to lend emotional support 🙂 They’re such a good little panda 🙂

Next post will be talk of thrift stores and other fun stuff, the site might be down for a tiny bit but will be back better than ever ~ More stuff soon and thanks!

It’s also been brought to my attention that some may think that post with my “Net Worth” in it is accurate. I definitely don’t make 100k a year, I have no clue where they got that number, probably whatever your standard Super Model makes. I’m not exactly struggling to survive and have a comfortable, safe place to live, but 100$ is still alot of money to me.

Like many people in this country, I have multiple income sources and no fulltime work except the effort i’ve been putting into my sites. So yeah, I’d not be asking for donations to fill my coffers, at this point most of my income goes back into making better content. I make most of my own meals, have few extravagances in my life and buy all my clothes at thrift stores. I’m not a chaser of great riches, I just want enough to be able to work towards making my goals and dreams possible 🙂

Thanks for everything, just wanted to clear that up 🙂 Hope you like the pics!

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