Shovel Knight

I have been so ridiculously busy I haven’t played a game in weeks! I recently got a Nintendo Switch and Pokemon and it got really into that for a little while but haven’t touched it in a while, my nighttime ritual of playing a little game before bed has lately been me just collapsing in bed. I do however have a trip coming up so I’m going to be using it often I think, I just picked this up 🙂

I mainly wanted to get it because I had played the original vanilla version and liked it a lot but they added all these features so you could change the gender non-binary pronouns and stuff. That doesn’t really change the game for me and I just randomized it, I really applaud any publisher that makes a point to be inclusive like that, and I will be 100x more likely to give them my money. I don’t even really vibe with Undertale as a game, its too obtuse for me to really enjoy playing, but I got it and love it because it’s so clever and seems to be coming from a good place.

Anway, so for the first time in days i’m kicking back and playing a game, going to do some packing and lots of sleeping before flying out to California for a few days. I’m not excited about getting on a plane and hanging out at airports after all this Corvid news, but I’m also not going to let something like this prevent me from seeing my family or whatever. Maybe it’ll get to that point but I don’t think it’s there yet, just going to take precautions externally and internally, keep my immune system and stress levels in check and make sure I keep insulated, probably going to bring gloves and sanitizer for the plane.

Anyway nothing really exciting going on here I have a new video coming out before I leave hopefully, follow up job interview on Monday, excited as it’ll be an improvement to some of the part-time work i’ve done recently. So things are going well but I’m taking some time to make sure things continue going well 🙂 and of course being a snuggly diaper girl at every opportunity 🙂

More stuff soon 🙂 Thanks for reading 🙂

One thought on “Shovel Knight

  1. I’d recently ordered a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for my GBA. Can’t wait to get ahold of that.

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