A bit slow

Hi hi! I’ve been a busy baby girl! Working, writing, traveling, all that. I still have a ton of older photos to share and have some great new content coming up, but for today here’s a few photos from Christmas time 🙂

Just being a diaper butt, went out to a Christmas thingy at a mansion in PA, wore my Tenas, was pretty soggy by the time I got home. Other pics are just silly stuffers and cold-weather crinkles! Hope everyone is staying warm and snuggly! More pics and a Seni review coming soon! Hugs ❤

Who watches Unboxing videos?

I’ve always sorta wondered about Unboxing videos, I always thought they were kinda silly. I remember seeing an unboxing video of a Star Trek branded Nokia phone, asking myself “who watches this stuff?”, while I myself was watching it fairly intently.

Annnnyway, here’s two unboxing videos! First, I talk about an enema set I recently purchased from Aussie Health Company.

Next up is the Lovense Hush 1.5″ Butt Plug!

Hope you like the video! More stuff soon including a review of the Seni Quattro Diapers! Big hugs, stay warm, it’s been storms and power outages today but the bears and I will make sure to snuggle up, all padded and safe tonight ❤