Wow, it’s going to be

I was standing in my front room today wearing overalls and a footy sleeper and I wanted to try on a new swimsuit I bought. I stripped off my clothes and stood there naked, and realized that I was able to be naked for more than 30 seconds without freezing my butt off. It’s going to be a good summer. I’m feeling super cute, have lots of new and adorable stuff to show off, and I can finally run around the house in just my diapers 😛

These pics are from my little adventure yesterday, I bought the dress in the pics but the big find was an “American Princess” brand dress that looks straight out of a quinceanera, so big and floofy and pink! I’ll be sharing pics of that soon, it’s a little small for me (16 in childrens) but I can get it on, and it’d look adorable with thick diapers under 🙂

First 3 are wet adventures, followed by 2 in my nighttime diapers, and then soggy morning diapers! I have lots more to share, and a new big new video coming soon. I’m landing on both feet and have lots of fun stuff coming soon! A bright future ahead ❤ Thanks for reading ❤

5 thoughts on “Wow, it’s going to be

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