Sleep of the Ancients

I slept all day today. Sometimes you just need to do that, I cammed this morning for this promotion (which turned out to be BS, like so many Cam Company promos) and spent a good deal of the morning dealing with a missing check etc… just one of those days. I started to see myself get stressed in a bad way, that jittery, frustrated feeling when nothing is going right… so I put my head down and took a 3 hour long nap. I’m trying my best to stay as well fed and well rested as possible, and I would encourage others to do the “forced nap” when you’re feeling overwhelmed. I feel better now 🙂

Anyway, we’ll skip the storytime today, hope that’s ok. Just a couple pics of my crinkly butt 😛 I didn’t wear to bed last night because I knew I’d be getting up and active early, but i’ll be sure to get all snuggly and properly padded tonight 🙂

1st pic is bear reading, then a couple of wet/padded me in the Attends Premiere diapers, then a little bear, playing games, reading and learning how to edit from Mommy… and then a final one of me being all sexy and stuff 😛

A squirrel just jumped on my roof and scared the life out of me while uploading these pics… maybe i’m still a little jittery. Hugs everyone, safety and love ❤ StayDiapered!

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