Something Old, Something New

First off, if you haven’t seen my “History of Goodnites” video, check it out!!!

Second, I have a new computer, my old one was really limiting my performance and having tons of issues, so I bit the bullet and upgraded. I also have moved to Adobe Creative Cloud for my editing software, so I’m taking some babysteps in learning how that all works and starting from the beginning, really diving into these new tools after having only older versions for so long. I have been taking lots of half-measures with my editing, and I really want to step my game up and make the best videos possible. I have the lights, the computer, will eventually upgrade to a 4k camera, setting up some game streaming stuff for more live fun, exciting interactions up ahead!

So allow me a little time to get comfortable with all this new stuff, setting up my new PC and getting acquainted with my new software, and you’ll be seeing much more from me soon! Thanks so much, and here’s a couple cute babydiaper outtakes from that video 🙂

More stuff very soon! Thanks for everything, hope everyone is well!

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