Disney Panda!

A while back my little Panda hadn’t been around for a few days, I was looking all over for them and for my old mobile…

Well, after looking and looking I found Panda on the front porch with my phone, Panda was trying to sneak in but got caught in the act. After looking through the pics, I realized the little Panda snuck off to Disney! They must have packed a little Panda bag and went out to see all their cartoon friends. When I first adopted the Panda I was on my way to Disneyworld and wanted a new stuffy friend to snuggle at night. They were always pouty (nothing like a Pouty Panda!) that they couldn’t go in the park, but I told them they had a no-panda-policy. Well, it seems they went to find out for themselves, and though Panda isn’t showing it, they had lots of fun!

I can’t stay mad at the Panda, we all wander sometimes ❤ I just wish they wouldn’t have worried their mommy so much! It’s good to have the Panda back, they’re gonna just snuggle up and get over the jetlag 😛

Hope everyone’s doing good, me and this little tuckered out Panda are going to stay in from the rain and stormy weather, just work on fun videos to share with all the Mamas and Pandas and Bears and Daddies and Littles and Big Baby Pandas and Little Mama Bears and everyone out there 🙂 Big hugs! More silly stuff soon!

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