Makin’ Movies

I was a very productive babygirl today, got out my swimsuits and diapers and made a couple videos! I’ll have a review of the Northshore Megamax coming soon ❤

Not much to report right now it’s been a little rocky week or so but i’m back to “normal” and being a positive, busy girl ❤

More stuff very soon and I hope you like the pictures!!!


The History Of Pullups

Hey there friends, I have a brand new video for you today!

In this video I talk about a bunch of different kinds of various discontinued Pull-Ups and Underjams! The last diaper (the white with stars) I have no idea what brand, they were given to me at a Convention (thanks!) and I assume they’re just a generic brand.

Hope you like it! Pics and more coming soon ❤ Thanks for watching!


About a month ago a Duckie Daddy was hanging out in my yard. Then I noticed a Mama ducky had nested in a nearby bush. I’ve been watching her every day and two nights ago I heard little baby cheepers coming from the bush. I kept an eye out all day the next day until I saw that she had moved… I was sad, thinking I had missed her and the ducklings debut, but she had only moved a few feet away, and was looking awfully chubby. I realize that she had her babies under her thinking that there couldn’t be more than five or six.

All of a sudden she stood up and 12 or 13 little duckers peeped out from under her. They started to make their way out, likely looking for a little pond somewhere and maybe the Ducky Daddy too.

They waddled around for a bit, crossed the street (with help from me and the neighborhood) and waddled about. Mama gave the ducklings a quick tour of the neighborhood then went off for ponds unknown.

It was magical, they are so incredibly cute and I was so fortunate to see their first little adventure 🙂 I hope you like the video and a little magic finds its way into your life 🙂 Hugs, and more stuff soon!

Home and Garden

Hey there friends, quick little post here, been a busy, productive girl in regards to life stuff, but have been lagging on posting here 😦 I have lots of cute stuff to share, just have been a little overwhelmed ~ Thanks for being patient, new video in the next couple days, even more after that.

I’m snuggled up in bed, in my PJs and Northshores, feeling cute and sleepy ❤ pics are me right now, sweet dreams friends!

Booty, Booty, Booty, Rockin’ Everywhere.

I was going to post the song that line is from, but after watching the music video for like 2 mins I think my brain melted, i’ll spare you, 2000’s Top 40 Rap is best forgotten. Except the Work It Video.

What’s not best forgotten, is this new StayKinky video I posted with lots of cute booty action 🙂 I’ve been wearing these swimsuits and my butt has never looked better ❤

On the topic of booty documentation, I have some news! First, I mentioned I have this new editing PC and have been so excited to make new videos… but unfortunately during my last shoot my camera has been really acting strange. It barely turns on and has this weird color effect to it. It was heartbreaking, but I’ve ordered a new camera and I’m really excited to share some awesome quality videos and pics, the best I’ve ever made 🙂 My new videos should all be in 4k 60fps, and my compositing and editing will be better than ever.

These picture of my older cameras, new one should be in soon ❤

I’ve gotten away from my roots, which was in film-making, acting and editing. I’m rusty and starting back at square one, and after all this quarantine stuff, who knows where it will take me. Back in the day, I never felt like I could make it in the industry because of the basics of who I am, and things are different now. I also want to make the BEST AB/DL content, and there’s something to be said about the professionalism of content being associated with how well a message gets across. Basically, I want my videos to have the added credibility that comes from a well made product. I will soon have so much power at my fingertips, my plan to convert everyone to AB/DLs will soon be complete!

Hope everyone is surviving, there’s been some busy life/house repair stuff going on here, more posts coming soon! I have a “History of Pull-ups” video on deck (will be my last video on my old camera) and that should be out this weekend, I’m loving making these, hope you’re enjoying watching them 🙂 My “History of Goodnites” video has been really well received, thanks for all the positive feedback ❤

More soon, thanks for watching and to those who contributed to my new camera fund, my heart is so warmed by your help ❤ I will not let you down! Great things ahead ❤


It’s an old word for butt.

I got off my little but today and made some cute videos, took some cute pics, letting the sunshine in and washing off the malaise of these last stormy days. Lost power for a bit, lots of thunder and lightning and bear snuggles.

More fun stuff soon 🙂 Hope everyone is weathering the storm 🙂

Attends Premiere Review!

New video! I’m starting out with these new editing tools and kind of relearning everything again, so this video doesn’t have the flare I’d like it to it’s basically just 12 minutes of me talking… look forward to more engaging videos with more bells and whistles I just wanted to get something out in the meantime 🙂 Storytime video coming up next and then a bunch of stuff about Northshore diapers 🙂

Hope you like it, more stuff soon!


The biggest problem I had today involved leafblowers messing up a video shoot. On reflection I had to just sit back for a minute and realize how fortunate I am and how many people are going through really difficult times right now. I can’t do much for those people but I just hope my little videos bring some sort of smile.

Today’s post is just a couple cute little pics, tomorrow will be a storytime or review depending on which one I can edit first 🙂 I’ll be talking about the attends premiere, featured in all but one of the pics below (the bear is wearing Huggies!)

Hope everyone can find a little smile today and more fun stuff soon ❤ Thanks for reading ❤