About a month ago a Duckie Daddy was hanging out in my yard. Then I noticed a Mama ducky had nested in a nearby bush. I’ve been watching her every day and two nights ago I heard little baby cheepers coming from the bush. I kept an eye out all day the next day until I saw that she had moved… I was sad, thinking I had missed her and the ducklings debut, but she had only moved a few feet away, and was looking awfully chubby. I realize that she had her babies under her thinking that there couldn’t be more than five or six.

All of a sudden she stood up and 12 or 13 little duckers peeped out from under her. They started to make their way out, likely looking for a little pond somewhere and maybe the Ducky Daddy too.

They waddled around for a bit, crossed the street (with help from me and the neighborhood) and waddled about. Mama gave the ducklings a quick tour of the neighborhood then went off for ponds unknown.

It was magical, they are so incredibly cute and I was so fortunate to see their first little adventure 🙂 I hope you like the video and a little magic finds its way into your life 🙂 Hugs, and more stuff soon!

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