Hey there friends, quick little post today, will be sharing some more ducky fun tomorrow so look forward to that!

Merff & Maverick’s Isolation Storytime!

THIS Friday – 9pm EST

I’ll be sharing a snuggly story live on Zoom!

Fetlife event link here ~

The stuffies and I hope to see you there!

Are These OK Daddy? Redux

Hi there friends! Today we have a bit of a blast from the past, I’ve turned a few old blog posts into a slideshow with a little story behind it. It’s a story about a Daddy and Little relationship with some diapers and naughtiness to it. I’m curious how people will like this, and I hope to do more with both new and old photo sets. I think there’s alot of fun to be had with captions, stories and potentially visual novel stuff in the future.

Here’s the link to the video on MV

Couldn’t post this one on Youtube for obvious reasons. Check out some of my other videos while you’re there, but be warned, some of them are quite salacious.

If you want to see the original posts, get in your WAAAAAY back machine and check out these posts from 2013. I’ve been doing this for a while 😛

Hope everyone is well! More stuff soon, thanks for watching ❤

Work from home

Hihi! I’ve been workin’ on some of my other site stuff but i’ll have a new kinda naughty video for you tomorrow! I’ve been a little overwhelmed with videos and my sites so i’m trying my best to keep all the plates spinning. I’m doing it and getting better, just bear with me 🙂 Bear has been bearing with me at least!

Here’s some cuteness over the last couple days, new Eevee purse, Northshores and bumnies and wild stuffy parties. The stuffies have been really taking over the place, I for one welcome that, they want what’s best for everyone ❤

New video tomorrow just an old story in video form with some cool pictures! Hope everyone has a great night, more stuff soon!

Buns and Monks and Stories!

First off~ I’ll be reading a story tomorrow night for a community littles group on Fetlife! It’s run by some really cool folks who are raising some money for some out of work littles. This community is really awesome sometimes, the coolest people I know ❤

You can RSVP below (required!) for the Zoom meeting if you have a Fetlife account, and if you don’t it’s easy to sign up for Fetlife! Though I don’t visit there very often you can find me @staykinky

RSVP Link: Merff & Maverick’s Isolation Storytime

Now, on to the post…

It’s starting to get warm out! I’ve been just sleeping in my diapers for bed, rocking the Northshores, snuggling the bunny ❤ I’ve been pretty successfully wearing to bed every night, sometimes I’m too sleepy to get diapered but laying them out in the early evening helps, just part of my bedtime ritual ❤

I watched the new Planet of the Apes movies and Monkey got too excited and stripped down naked! I took the opportunity to wash the little monkeys sleeper. Sometimes monkey’s a messy eater :]

The new Planet of the Apes movies were pretty good, especially the second and third. There’s a monkey voiced by Steve Zahn in the 3rd one who is incredibly likeable. I love Steve Zahn and I would watch a dozen movies about this monkey.

Enough with the monkey talk, I’ve had monkeys on the mind lately. Been watching a lot of videos of people walking around Disneyworld, I fondly remember the monkeys climbing all over Animal Kingdom. There’s lots of videos like these, keeps me and the monkey happy 🙂

Enough with the monkey talk! I can’t spend all night monkeying around… well I could, but it’s getting late, monkeys have bedtimes too. Check out the link for the Zoom show, i’l be doing more storytimes if you miss this one. More fun stuff soon! Have a lovely, night, snuggle with your stuffies like a bunch of bananas!

FAQ Life Update 5/12

Hey there friends! Just wanted to give a little update on the details of my life, all summed up in one post! Here we go, Content Warning for Covid/politics/allllll that stuff.

How Covid has effected me: Practically? Not much to be completely honest. As for work, I had a part time job that is probably never coming back and i’m not on unemployment or anything. Fortunately, I got my life together and in late December I started really focusing on my internet content and getting a storefront setup, so I’m doing what I can to make a living off of my camming/video sales etc. My trials and tribulations in life have led to a cockroach mentality, to set myself up to survive in any condition and have checks in place to keep me from landing in a truly desperate situation. At the very least that means keeping my mental health in check and a few dollars in my bank account, and that’s a double-affirmative. You needn’t worry about me ❤

The real bummer for me is my laser hair removal person is not longer operating. I was really happy to be getting that again, I have huge massive dysphoria around bodyhair, especially ones “five o’clock shadow”, and I was loving the effects of laser. Such is life, I will have to wait until an opportunity presents itself.

How’s the Brain doing?: I’m doing alright, though I have good days and lazy days. Working from home so to speak is something I’m used to but as many are discovering, it never really ends. The balance of working home disintegrates and I’m working on rebuilding it, finding some sort of healthy balance even if its putting my phone down for the evening.

I am still 100% not drinking, over 400 days now (looked it up, not counting the days anymore). The biggest worry is for the people, my folks, partners, friends. Hope everyone reading this is dealing the best they can.

I have espoused this wisdom to everyone who is willing to hear it, but I was watching some France24 news and they had a guy on talking about mental health through all this. He said “Chill out, don’t be so hard on yourself” in so many words. Don’t feel bad if you’re not productive, if you don’t want to get out of bed, if you’re in a pissy mood, we’re all going through some unprecedented times so be gentle with yourself. At first it felt like a holiday, but quickly we realized that this is much more of a trial than a gift. People are acting more terrible than usual online and the cabin fever is manifesting itself as conspiracy theories and general us vs. them mindset. This “Economy vs. Health” debate is getting ugly and shows no signs of stopping.

I worry about my immune-compromised friends and family, I worry about my Asian friends worldwide, I worry about desperate people and echo chambers and online radicalization, there’s plenty to worry about. I’ve been doing well to ration out the worries, not let the things I can’t control control me. Just takes lots of moments of self-awareness, being present and talking myself off ledges/pulling myself out of rabbit holes. Sometimes you need to snap yourself out of a mindset, realize the thing your worrying about can’t be helped, and you ought to just fold laundry instead.

Unsolicited Mommy Riley advice:

1.) Lower your productivity bar, this is new and will take some time to adjust. Be gentle with yourself.

2.) Limit your news and social media. Especially the comments.

3.) Take a moment to be present, have a mindfulness check, find context for your worries and balance them best you can.

4.) Clean your living space and your body. Feels good ❤


So that’s the vague explanation of what’s going on with me. I still live in Nowhere, PA. I’m not interested in meeting anyone IRL for now, though in the future that may change. I’m mostly a little with a strong mommy side.

  • Hormones: Not since 2015 or so
  • Surgeries: None
  • Name/Gender change: Yes
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Diapers: Always to bed, sometimes during the day

I know it’s weird to have this basic information out there but I’m getting a lot of new visitors so just wanted to clarify 🙂 Thanks for reading, there are lots of exciting things going on, new computer, new camera, new editing stuff, life is exciting for me, I just am trying my best to embrace it… do my best to make myself and others smile 🙂

Hugs, sending my love ❤ The bears and I are rooting for you ❤

Northshore Megamax Review!!

Weird stuff going on over here at, got locked out of my account for a couple days, weird WordPress security stuff. Hoppfully (bunny wrote that one) you’ve been checking out my Youtube and Twitter and came across my new video! I posted a review of the Northshore Megamax diaper!

I’m also now an affiliate for Northshore! This means if you use THIS LINK to order from, I will get a commision! So if you order diapers and want to support my site, feel free to use that link! There will also be an ad on my sidebar that also has the affiliate link!

As always, I will remain a neutral party and will be honest in my reviews, I’m not employed by Northshore and will always put the benefit of diaper wearers over everything. I’m excited because I’ve always liked their diapers, and can’t wait to review some other products they carry. On a personal note, I’ve had nothing but positive interactions with them and haven’t heard anyone criticize the company directly, so I feel it’s all positive stuff! They also sent me a pack to review 🙂 And as always, I will be transparent in my wheelings and dealings 😛

Hope you like the new video, pardon the delay, this was posted nearly a week ago on my twitter/YT channel so be sure to check those out!

Thanks for watching! More snuggle stuff soooon!

You Can Go Back

Hey there friends ❤ Quick Content Warning for old partners and tough pasts.

~~~~~~~~ANGST AHOY~~~~~~~~~~

I woke up this morning and put on “Trompe Le Monde” the Pixies album, haven’t sat down and listened to it for years. “Motorcade to Roswell” was always my favorite. Brought back lots of memories of 19 year old me, doing my acting group, working at a theatre, laughing to episodes of Strangers with Candy and drinking Jones Soda with friends, putting ice in the bong on a hot Midtown Sacramento Day. I was watching old clips of Trash Film Orgy and the Zombie Walk, an event some friends founded back in the day. Flooded me with nostalgia and it made me smile. I’m in a good place mentally and physically right now, so when I see the past, I can think fondly of the path it’s taken me on, not full of regrets or pain… I can focus on the positive. That’s a new feeling, as for many years, I felt I would always have the spectre of Sacramento over me and all the painful things that happened there. Lots of good stuff happened there too, I’m doing well to focus on that.

Bad dreams are something i’ve always struggled with, I have an active mind and sleep can be exhausting for me, I’ve always been that way. I’m not a big dreamer these days largely due to taking measures to suppress my dreaming, but last night one got through. I was in bed with someone I loved dearly. One of those dreams when you wake up, you desperately try and coax your way back into the dream, you’ve forgotten how she felt, how she smelled, the little details of her tattoos, things you can’t recall in the day but are burned into your subconscious, only accessible in your dreams. When I woke up I took a few moments just staring at the ceiling trying to piece together whatever I could from the dream, gave my little Bear a hug and got on with my day. She’s gone, but I can visit her now and then in my dreams and in that I have found peace.

Following the rule of “No wants to hear what you dream about unless you dream about them“, I’ll get on with the actual thing I want to talk about today.


Speaking of going back, I’ve had a handful of photoshoots sitting in my “To Do” basket for a long time, some are embarrassingly old, I never really had anything to do with them other than post some highlights. I’ve devised a plan in which I’ll be posting these sets as slideshow videos with a descriptive audio track, sharing little stories, ASMR-esq audio or erotic dialogue. I really look forward to making these and I think there will be more and more audio stuff in the future, along with my normal videos etc. As always, I try to make things unique and interesting, to expand out understanding of ABDL, explore our own sexuality and maybe find a little comfort in a bit of fantasy ❤

Thanks for reading, this post was ALLL over the place, thanks for getting that off my chest.

Lots of changes happening for this little girl, things are intense right now but I’m surviving and in fact thriving. Nice to have you along in my journey, more stuff sooon! Going to spend my weekend finishing up that MegaMax review, so looking forward to sharing it with you ❤ Be well, positive thoughts!!!