Northshore Megamax Review!!

Weird stuff going on over here at, got locked out of my account for a couple days, weird WordPress security stuff. Hoppfully (bunny wrote that one) you’ve been checking out my Youtube and Twitter and came across my new video! I posted a review of the Northshore Megamax diaper!

I’m also now an affiliate for Northshore! This means if you use THIS LINK to order from, I will get a commision! So if you order diapers and want to support my site, feel free to use that link! There will also be an ad on my sidebar that also has the affiliate link!

As always, I will remain a neutral party and will be honest in my reviews, I’m not employed by Northshore and will always put the benefit of diaper wearers over everything. I’m excited because I’ve always liked their diapers, and can’t wait to review some other products they carry. On a personal note, I’ve had nothing but positive interactions with them and haven’t heard anyone criticize the company directly, so I feel it’s all positive stuff! They also sent me a pack to review 🙂 And as always, I will be transparent in my wheelings and dealings 😛

Hope you like the new video, pardon the delay, this was posted nearly a week ago on my twitter/YT channel so be sure to check those out!

Thanks for watching! More snuggle stuff soooon!

One thought on “Northshore Megamax Review!!

  1. I’ve a pretty long trip home. With many public restrooms closed, never thought I’d be so grateful to like wearing diapers.

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