Buns and Monks and Stories!

First off~ I’ll be reading a story tomorrow night for a community littles group on Fetlife! It’s run by some really cool folks who are raising some money for some out of work littles. This community is really awesome sometimes, the coolest people I know ❤

You can RSVP below (required!) for the Zoom meeting if you have a Fetlife account, and if you don’t it’s easy to sign up for Fetlife! Though I don’t visit there very often you can find me @staykinky

RSVP Link: Merff & Maverick’s Isolation Storytime

Now, on to the post…

It’s starting to get warm out! I’ve been just sleeping in my diapers for bed, rocking the Northshores, snuggling the bunny ❤ I’ve been pretty successfully wearing to bed every night, sometimes I’m too sleepy to get diapered but laying them out in the early evening helps, just part of my bedtime ritual ❤

I watched the new Planet of the Apes movies and Monkey got too excited and stripped down naked! I took the opportunity to wash the little monkeys sleeper. Sometimes monkey’s a messy eater :]

The new Planet of the Apes movies were pretty good, especially the second and third. There’s a monkey voiced by Steve Zahn in the 3rd one who is incredibly likeable. I love Steve Zahn and I would watch a dozen movies about this monkey.

Enough with the monkey talk, I’ve had monkeys on the mind lately. Been watching a lot of videos of people walking around Disneyworld, I fondly remember the monkeys climbing all over Animal Kingdom. There’s lots of videos like these, keeps me and the monkey happy 🙂

Enough with the monkey talk! I can’t spend all night monkeying around… well I could, but it’s getting late, monkeys have bedtimes too. Check out the link for the Zoom show, i’l be doing more storytimes if you miss this one. More fun stuff soon! Have a lovely, night, snuggle with your stuffies like a bunch of bananas!

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