Work from home

Hihi! I’ve been workin’ on some of my other site stuff but i’ll have a new kinda naughty video for you tomorrow! I’ve been a little overwhelmed with videos and my sites so i’m trying my best to keep all the plates spinning. I’m doing it and getting better, just bear with me 🙂 Bear has been bearing with me at least!

Here’s some cuteness over the last couple days, new Eevee purse, Northshores and bumnies and wild stuffy parties. The stuffies have been really taking over the place, I for one welcome that, they want what’s best for everyone ❤

New video tomorrow just an old story in video form with some cool pictures! Hope everyone has a great night, more stuff soon!

2 thoughts on “Work from home

  1. Hi there my name is Todd i just came across your YouTube channel and was watching some of videos on there and I thought they were very good I just wanted to let you know.

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