Are These OK Daddy? Redux

Hi there friends! Today we have a bit of a blast from the past, I’ve turned a few old blog posts into a slideshow with a little story behind it. It’s a story about a Daddy and Little relationship with some diapers and naughtiness to it. I’m curious how people will like this, and I hope to do more with both new and old photo sets. I think there’s alot of fun to be had with captions, stories and potentially visual novel stuff in the future.

Here’s the link to the video on MV

Couldn’t post this one on Youtube for obvious reasons. Check out some of my other videos while you’re there, but be warned, some of them are quite salacious.

If you want to see the original posts, get in your WAAAAAY back machine and check out these posts from 2013. I’ve been doing this for a while 😛

Hope everyone is well! More stuff soon, thanks for watching ❤

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