In regards to ABDL Accounts being removed from OnlyFans

Hi there friends, I’m sure you’ll be hearing about the recent Purge of ABDL content off of popular platform OnlyFans, people like Ella_Raine and The Little Sausage and potentially more have lost their accounts.

In regards to this I want to talk a little bit about content, where it goes and how to protect yourself. All of this is subject to change and just my own opinion.

Why did this happen?

I am speculating, but this is likely due to scrutiny from credit card companies, a decision from OnlyFans to enforce certain TOS issues, or a campaign by an “Anti Degeneracy” group to flag ABDL content, as often happens on other platforms like Insta and YT. I think it’s a combination of all 3, and often times in the terms of service these companies will clarify what they will or won’t allow. OnlyFans TOS ( ) is vague citing Obscene Material” and there seems to be no direct list of things you can or can’t post.

There is such a list on the ManyVids FAQ ( look under Upload Rules). OnlyFans simply references obscene material so they can seemingly make a judgment call on their own, which is assholedesign but is becoming not uncommon with massive tech companies.

One of the ways they catch you is through keywords. Think StepDaddy versus Daddy, “has accident” vs. “pisses herself”, there’s often times a list of banned words (you can find a list on the ManyVids page under Forbidden Words) that will get you popped, some are basic words like Sleep and Hypno and Poo. Be careful and get out the porn thesaurus.

We as a community can join together to contact onlyfans and encourage them to keep ABDL content alive and restore the accounts, it could be effective if it is a matter of people flagging content. It’s worth a shot? Contact them here ~

Maintaining Income Sources:

First, it’s really important to diversify your content. For example, clips for sale allows pretty much anything and isn’t going anywhere but is just a mess of a site, but if you were to lose one source of income, you can still direct your fans to this secondary outlet. Same with any social media profile, keep ready to publish backups. Ifriends (who i was exclusive to for a while) dissapearred overnight, so sometimes sites just fold. Stay frosty, expect the unexpected.

The same goes for having a private source such as Dropbox, though Dropbox has taken accounts down largely due to the fact that they can see where your links are posted (same with Paypal) and will give you trouble if it’s linked with pornography. Paypal still has a couple hundred of mine they got after they discovered my site had relatively tame diaper pics on it.

Discretion is very important, and the credit card companies are going to be vigilant about not allowing porn, so you have to be vigilant in sharing things discretely when using Paypal/Dropbox or similar services, using one to one communication if necessary. Venmo is a more discreet way to use Paypal, Post Office boxes, throwaway emails, things like that can help distance yourself when you don’t have the luxury of a pay site between you and your fans.

I would also point out the larger any site gets the more prone they are to ban ABDL content, or pornography in general. Manyvids as far as I know doesn’t care about diaper stuff, but they only have 3 million users compared to the 24 million that OnlyFans has. Clips4Sale I think is run out of a derelict oil rig so they rarely take down content. Pornhub (which I would encourage you to avoid) doesn’t care what it’s users post as long as they’re posting. You will also get false flagged, I had a solo video with 600k views taken off a site because of “non consent”, it was just me alone, no bondage or anything. On a good site you’ll be able to fight that but sometimes you just lose.

Everytime I sign up for a new site I contact their customer service and ask them directly how they feel about Diaper content. Model/Fancentro told me that they would judge video by video, onlyfans and others have directed me to their terms of service, Chaturbate straight up told me no. Whether the issue is the fact that there will be potentially defecation or that it’s “impersonating a minor”, these companies are very wary of hosting our content and it’s best to open a line of communication, if only so you have a quicker means to appeal it.

What’s the difference between peeing and defecation? Peeing is just peeing, widely accepted in porn, defecation is peeing your pants and can get you banned, even fully clothed. We’re pretty much all dependent on what the banks will or won’t allow. Think carefully about the words you use in descriptions and titles.

I’ve been hearing a lot of things about JustForFans, which I’ll be exploring but seems to be a haven for OF refugees. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with people like Penny and the other top percenters on OF who have a wide range of content and make good money for them, usually money is the bottom line for any decision, only time will tell.

Basically when signing up for a new site:

Read the TOS

Contact Support Directly if you’re unsure

Check what other people are posting

Multiple Baskets, Multiple Eggs

Outside the Box:

I can’t emphasize this enough, ABDL folk have to work a lot harder and a lot smarter to be successful in the adult content world. This is due to misconceptions of what ABDL is and a lack of tolerance in regards to our desires. The parallels to dating and self confidence that come with being ABDL should not be understated, and it can be I hate that the ego feeling so unwanted… but I’m sure things are getting better and hopefully more avenues will open up or at least the encourage people to create their own avenues. With things like cashapp and various other venues, we as creators can still hustle our way to some form of success. I must say generally the quality of fans I get from my ABDL content is much higher than that of my regular porn, so while it’s more work you can hope for more in return.

What can I do to help?

Pay for your porn! Tip your favorite creators. Support their Patreons. Like and Subscribe and Retweet and Cheer them on. There’s a whole rainbow of different content creators who make great things for this community, and when you have big hits like this you find people giving up, I myself question why make diaper videos when I make waaaayyy more from just wanking, but I do it because that’s who I am and it’s my passion, I love this community. In the last 24 hours I’ve had multiple creators say the same to me, frustrated that they simply can’t find a home to create for this community.

So to allow us to continue our passion and our businesses, chuck in a buck, buy some porn πŸ™‚ Like so many things, vote with your wallet!

Solidarity and a personal point:

I’m sure there’s some people in this community that don’t like all the porn stuff or think all the ABDL performers are just in it for the money, I would encourage you to rethink that. Even if you don’t approve of the medium I believe that ABDL Is one of those things that very much blurs the line between sexuality and spirituality and mental health etc. I think it’s important that this community is more accepted and more seen, and unfortunately pornography sites are the rare places where we can host our content without fear of exposing things to under 18’s and drawing scrutiny from outsiders. Much of the content these creators provide is not explicitly pornographic, but often times merely evoke an ABDL mindset, help people regress or identify with someone who is regressing. I think the goal of this whole Community is to understand ourselves better, and I believe these videos help us do that.

Simply I don’t believe you can work towards the advancement of what you could call our culture and simultaneously discourage what is certainly our largest chunk of content creators. While people posting this kind of “Adult content” may not be your bag, it does appeal and in some way help other ABDLs, and we should do our best to find solidarity in this issue. You can still appreciate the community resource that is a Gay bar, even if you don’t drink or dance.

Final Thoughts

Feel free to ask me anything in regards to setting up your site and i’ll try my best to find an answer, there was a lawyer guy on here a while back and I believe he posted some information about the legal aspects of content creation, if anyone has/remembers that I’d appreciate it, think they were at CapCon. I’d love to see some shoutouts to favorite creators and anyone effected by this sharing their new profiles! Let’s all join together and help each other out!

Thanks for letting me share some thoughts! Stay on your toes and Stay Kinky!

Busy Baby

Hey there friends! Hope everyone is doing ok, safe and snuggled, hopefully keeping out of the heat! I’m doing well, feeling positive if not a little exhausted. I don’t mean to sound like a broken record but I have been putting a lot of my time and energy into making a real go at full-time content creation, and it’s been rewarding and challenging and heading in good places. The photos are from my recent little video where I have a little diaper fashion show πŸ™‚

I’ll be sharing some thoughts about where my contents going to be going and what kind of content it will be, but you’ll have the ability to get my sexy videos and get my diaper videos or both, or just enjoy the usual bloggy/video stuff I publish w/o any required contribution. I just want to do more and have a place to put it all, and i’m figuring all that out. I’m certain after all these years that I’m finally getting to the point where I can make really good stuff, and i’m working towards making some really wonderful things πŸ™‚

I’m confident in the “if you build it, they will come” mindset and I hope when my Patreon and all that gets going that i’ll have lots of support! I don’t want to half-ass this incredibly passionate passion project that is my blog, so i’m being careful and taking my time! Lots more excitement in this space soon, thanks for coming along for the ride ❀

The Northshore in these pics is very, very full btw πŸ™‚

A New Kind Of Story

Hi there friends! Today we have a brand new story and some never before seen photos and videos mixed into a little video! I plan to make further stories like this if it’s well received, I really like diaper stories and wanted to make something different and experiment a little with my content. I hope you find it cute and exciting, just a story of a diaper girl and her caretaker, little bit of humiliation and discipline but nothing too scary πŸ˜› Sometimes diaper girls need a little tuff love!


Hope you like it! It’s on MV but you can watch it for free there!

Thanks so much and would love to hear feedback ❀ More stuff soon!

Riley The Diapered Cheerleader!

Hi there friends, just a little post today to share some hugs and positive thoughts ❀ Hope everyone is safe and sound out there! Just filmed a ton of new stuff and have an exciting new style of story video coming out tomorrow! I’ve been really excited to share it ❀

For now here’s just a little snuggly video from a little snuggly girl πŸ™‚ Hugs everyone!!!

So many Diapers!

Hey there friends! The weather is warming up so I’m getting out of my footy sleepers and big ol’ jackets into dresses and cute stuff again πŸ™‚

I think there might be a little magic in the air…

The one below is from today, got out my favorite little wraparound skirt, it’s been with me for years and I love it πŸ™‚

I’ve been working on a lot of video for other sites, will be posting links here to some of the new videos coming out! I’ve been working on some really fun special storytime kind of videos and I’m really excited to share them with you πŸ™‚

Also, new products to review coming soon to my mailbox ~ look forward to these upcoming reviews πŸ™‚

Size 7 Diapers Roundup
Beyond XP5000
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Confidry 24/7

I also plan to do with North Shore Roundup and don’t forget that if you’re ordering Northshore products to use the ad on the right my website to help support the blog!

These are also from today, this is going to be a stay-at-home summer for me and I’ll try to have as much fun as possible πŸ™‚

More video and fun soon! Hope everyone is doing ok, sending big bear hugs ❀

A word on George Floyd

Hey there friends, I’ve been sitting on a new video for a couple days because there’s some really important things going on in the world and I didn’t feel it was an appropriate distraction. I’m releasing it today, but first allow me a few words.

Things haven’t changed much since the death of George Floyd. People are still defending the actions of his murderer, attacking his character and trying to silence the voices of those who demand Justice, which should be the demand of every member of the human race. Police and racial violence is an epidemic in this country and the most vulnerable people are targeted, we must use our voices and listen to the voices of those most directly affected if we ever expect to see justice done. If this week has taught us one thing, it’s that We Need To Do Better.

As a white person, what can I do? Simply, if you see something, say something. Listen to the concerns of those who have a different perspective, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself or your perceptions of how race and racism effects individuals. My hope is that anyone reading this would already have the courage to speak up themselves, but we need to do more, we need to encourage ourselves and others to do more. Support People of Color in your community, be it neighborhood, workplace or internet subculture. Call out racism, stand together, listen and learn.

On a personal note, please vote. I have seen a number of radical voices out there saying that voting is worthless, Biden is the same as Trump etc. We are at a crucial moment in our human history and we need to vote with needs of the least fortunate in mind so they get the rights and protection they so desperately need. I am no fan of the reluctance to speak up that many of our leaders share, but not voting is siding with the oppressor. Enourage your leaders to speak out against acts of injustice perpetuated against Americans, specifically Black Americans.

And of course, indigenous peoples, immigrants, people with different levels of accessibility, LGBT+ and every other class or creed that finds themselves in the crosshairs of marginalization and discrimination. Yes, All Lives Matter, but it’s a disingenuousness statement in light of George Floyd and Eric Garner and countless others. This is a pressing issue that requires attention above my own struggles as a Trans woman and sex worker, we need to stand together now, in hopes that we can stand together in the future. β€œThe only thing necessary for theΒ triumph of evilΒ is for good men to do nothing.” 

Another quote… ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Simply, any subjugation done to a fellow human should be rallied against, the inequity of one person effects every person. Accepting or ignoring it takes away our humanity.

Seek out oppression, seek out injustice, seek out voices who are desperate for equality. It can be tough as a white person to find the right words, but listening and empathy are your gateway to understanding and being an ally.

Below are some links that I’d encourage you to explore. I’m not interested in debating the merits of rioting or the effectiveness of the police, I’m taking this time to listen and learn while so many are sharing their struggles. Please don’t start any debates in the comments and if this message is offensive to you, please take time to consider how universal this message really is. There are times to share opinions and there are times to listen and the world really needs to sit down and listen.

Stay strong, be bold for those who are suffering. Thank you for listening, more stuff soon.

LA Resources –

ACLU – Police Abuse Manual – –

Watch –

La Haine (1995, Kassovitz)

Central Park 5 (2012, Burns)

Fruitvale Station (2013, Coogler)

We can make the world better, but only together.