Summer Diaper Fashion!

New Summer Diaper Fashion Video!

I show off a number of cute swimsuits and outfits in a very full MegaMax! Video is posted Free on my ManyVids as it’s a little “Too Hot” for Youtube.

And this one is a ManyVids slideshow of all the photos I took making the video!

There’s also a version that ends with some self-love that’s on my Membership Club. If you like the video maybe join the club! Helps me make the best stuff possible ❤

Took lots of really cute pictures, that MegaMax was awfully full 🙂 I’m working on a new review of the Beyond XP 5000 diapers as well as a Northshore Unboxing/Haul video, and I just got in some Size 8 BabyDrys from England (thanks T.) so that BabyDiaper video will happen soon 🙂 I want to be comprehensive, I have about a dozen brands to show now ❤

Big hugs and more stuff soon!

Riley ❤

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