Beyond XP5000 Diaper Review!

Hey there friends! I have a brand new video all about XPMedical’s Beyond XP5000 Diaper!

1st~ This is my first 4k/60FPS Youtube video! If you can spare the bandwidth set your YouTube to run at 2160/60FPS, even if you don’t have a 4k monitor it’ll be less compressed and look crisper, but may run slower on older devices.


The one thing I forgot to mention was sizing. I’m usually looking for Small size diapers but the mediums of these fit me fine. I can hardly put my legs together even when they’re dry! After extended use, the fit never was an issue except where sagging is concerned. The Depend Adjustable Underwear comes to mind as they both have a massive sag to them but can be tightened up as they are used (assuming you’re able to access your tapes).

With all that said ~ I still haven’t had any issues with these, and they’re pretty great and reliable. I would confidently bet on these holding up for at least 12 active hours, these are absolutely all-day/all-night diapers.

Great tapes, really neat Hook and Loop (aka Velcro) tape system on a plastic backed diaper. I thought this was inventive but it’s apparently quite common among ABDL Diapers such as the BunnyHops and Tykables.

Soft plastic that has slight ripping issues around the fairly Low-Rise waistband, but the ripping I’ve experienced (and is seen in the video) doesn’t really change the efficacy of the diaper.

As for the sagging/separation issues, I think it could be more of an issue on the Large/X-Large, because I have used the heck out of these and have never felt even close to full/leaking. They do sag, they do separate, but there’s enough padding in these to still be well absorbent. If you know those Plasticy Attends Briefs you know how bad separation can be, but these are still well-made enough that it doesn’t make them unusable. So while they do have this issue, it doesn’t ruin them for me. L/XL wearers may feel differently.

I don’t have experience using these for messing but any diaper this big and plastic covered should be fine. That’s not really my area of expertise, I really only mess when Enemas are involved and that’s quite rare these days. MindlesslyDiapered on YT tends to cover that topic more.

Khuck on YT has a review that focuses on the larger size and technical aspects and RealWorldIncontinence on YT has a deep dive video with various absorbency tests. Kenzo also has a very AB focused one too! Support your favorite ABDL creators and be sure to like and subscribe!

The X-Large is order by phone only due to some issue with the plastic apparently. I’m not in contact/affiliation with XPMedical at all, but have never had issues with them or heard anything negative, feel free to share your experience.

About $1.70 to $2.00 a diaper, comparable to other Premium brands.


I think they’re a really, really good diaper. I only knock off a star because of the separation issues but that hasn’t been a negative for me, I loooove the droopy saggy feeling of them. I wish there was a small but this is a very new In House diaper, so they may make other lines in the future. I’m still going to stick with the NorthshoreMegamax at night and keep trying different diapers, but it’s great to see new brands popping up all the time!

Thanks for checking out my review! I’ve been wearing these the last few weeks and haven’t had a single leak, proof below ❤

More stuff soon ❤

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