New Diapers OMG!

Hi there friends! I’ve got a new little video to post today all about the “Ninjamas” which are essentially a new version of the Pampers Underjams! They have a few significant differences and I’ll be discussing them in an upcoming video I made just after shooting this, will be posting later this week! Today’s clip is just me having a little wet for scientific testing purposes 🙂

Here’s the link to the FREE video on ManyVids ~

A few initial thoughts ~

  • They Rip really easily, and i’m not sure if they’ll work all day like the goodnites. I imagine they’d rip easily overnight.
  • They smell nice, very baby-ish pampers smell.
  • Cute designs but fairly simple.
  • Scrunchy sides like many Adult Pullups specifically the Tena Pullups or Pampers “360 Fit” Diapers, not a fan of that design.
  • Interesting 3 channel absorbency system, similar to the Forsite diapers. Reminds me of an inflatable mattress.
  • Branding with ninja themes. No official brand tie-ins, so probably no Tinkerbell diapers. I’m suprised they don’t make Fortnite branded ones, GoodFortnites, FortGoodnites?

Here’s a little sample of the video 🙂

I’ll have that first impressions review video out ASAP! Hope all is well and more stuff sooooooon!~

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