Ninjamas Video Review!

New video today, my much-anticipated review of the new Ninjamas! I’ve been really excited about these, and while they’re disappointing in some aspects, they are new and kinda neat! I was a big fan of the Underjams and while these aren’t as cool as those, they have some positive aspects.

Let me share a quick pros and cons, most of which I cover in the video.


  • Cute Designs, although fairly basic.
  • Pampers Scent, very BabyDry smell to them.
  • Fast Absorbing and Wicking, they are dry to the touch shortly after wetting them, which is great for skin and Pampers is great at that.
  • Very Comfy and Soft inside and out.


  • Rips Super Easy, even on smaller adults. Barely fits its advertised size range. I would not rely on them unfortunately.
  • I don’t like the scrunchy sides.
  • Not for more than one wetting.
  • They fill up and become somewhat uncomfortable once those 3 channels fill up. It’s strange to not have a diaper feel mushy, it’s more like a channeled pad. To be completely honest, the bulge of it felt a bit strange against my parts, and not in a good way. It’s like the opposite of sagginess, it’s like an air-mattress firmness. I’m against it and hopefully we don’t see more diapers come out like this, or they find a way to make it more comfortable.
  • Didn’t notice any difference between Boys/Girls variety and none is advertised. Not really a Con but worth mentioning, Goodnites marketed heavily on that.
  • I get the branding, but it rubs me the wrong way. In fact, many things about this diaper rub me the wrong way.

So that’s the Ninjamas! Swing and a Miss by P&G and they are obviously just testing the waters with this as even people I’d emailed at P&G didn’t even know about it until they nearly premiered. This rollout has been less “Grand Unveiling” and more “Fart in Church”, pardon the crude analogy but it’s been strange seeing so little advertising. They finally have a video ad on and it still all seems to be mostly Canada Based.

Also, one final note, if you post a review or anything on their site, don’t roleplay or do anything uncouth, just be cool. I know ya’ll wouldn’t do that, but I see it already and give the Pampers mod team a break. With that said, people are actively calling for larger sizes, both ABDL seeming posters and otherwise and I’m sure they’re getting the message, so maybe down the road we’ll see tougher sides or wider fits.

Thanks for watching and more stuff soon!

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