Hey there friends! Just a quick little pic collection today pulled from my twitter 🙂

Wanted to thank everyone for the feedback on my last post, I have been stewing on that for a while and while it was certainly too long and most of it common sense, I needed to get those thoughts out. It brought up some other issues that I don’t really know how to speak on at the moment, especially when it comes to boycotting certain diaper companies. I don’t advertise/promote the products for anyone I disagree with, but some of the information out there is so he-said/she-said and muddled with arguments, excuses and anger. You’ve not seen me wear certain companies because I’m not sure how I feel about the companies, and frankly I don’t want to use my platform to destroy someone’s livelyhood… but also some issues can’t be ignored. So before I go off on anybody, I need to be sure of what i’m saying. That last post was a refresher that I need to use my voice as responsibly as possible. I have had enough people tell me I was their gateway to ABDL that I don’t want to disappoint them or lead them astray. I’m starting to really feel like a Mommy around here 🙂

It’s been an incredibly busy month, and thankfully right now I’m done with most of the drama. Nothing bad really, just life stuff, long hospital calls with family, moving, dentistry, organizing, private struggles etc… But most of that is over for now. I’ve been living here in PA for 4 years now (!!!) and I’m so, so happy to be here. There’s been a few things I’ve needed to do to make it better, my living situation is safe and good, but I needed to do a few things to make it better which took some time and money but it’s done. Pardon the vagueness, it’s just so boring that I’m trying to make it sound mysterious and interesting.

I love PA and don’t regret moving here for a minute. There’s so much big news in my life, transition stuff, big milestones (500 days free from drinking!) and other exciting smiley stuff.

I’m moving a little slow with the content but the changes recently have been to open up more options for filming, and I have aloooot more space now ❤ So expect more green screen fun, insightful posts, cute diaper fun and lots of positivity ❤

Thanks for reading, more more more soon!

4 thoughts on “Snappy

  1. I’m so glad to hear that you are getting situated in your life and to see that you are somewhat on the right track to achieving positive outcomes. Again thank you for sharing your life. Stay strong

  2. Congrats on your sobriety. Congrats on the positive moves in your life. Continued blessings and continued internet blogging (hopefully.) I will continue to enjoy your stories and your images thank you for sharing.

  3. Congratulations, and wish you well.

    Was wondering what options for pull-ups are there. Any recommendations. Thank you. 😉

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