Daily Post 10/24/20

I’m a cheeky little crinkler aren’t I? I was looking through some old pics and came across some adventures I was having in LA a long time ago… I had randomly bought a new bike with a friend and they snapped a few pics on a VERY windy day in North Hollywood. I was thickly diapered and things got a little Marilyn Monroe-Esq 😛

Thick diapers work well with bikerides too, your bottom is nice and soft on the seat. Though I’d probably have worn tights if I was going for a real ride, little pleated skirts aren’t the best choice for cycling or windy days, well, depending on who you ask.

Whenever I see these pics I get a little crush on myself. I just want to pat my cute little bottom and cheer me on. I think we also bought a carseat that day, i’ll save that for a later date. I definitely miss romping around LA in my little skirts and diapers, I have so many cute pics from that era i’m looking forward to sharing.

Hope everyone is enjoying the autumn weather, good time for bike rides, overalls and double diapers ❤ Have a wonderful Saturday friends! Diaper Lifestyle Part 3 coming tomorrow!

Song of the Day: Happy Cycling: Boards of Canada

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