Daily Post 10/26/20

Took the day off 😛 Bought some pillows for my chair/butt and one for between my legs when I sleep. I have been an achey baby lately so I have been looking for ways to mitigate that… the worst is my hands getting tired but nobody wants to hear little Riley complain about her twiggy little hands… that’s why I like the bears, they are such good listeners!

When you’re wearing thick crinkles it’s really helpful to have a pillow between your legs, just another little thing that’s helping me stay comfy in my diapers! Life is all about figuring it all out I guess, I’ve been wearing makeup most of my life and still have very little idea how that all works. I just remind myself that everyone else is just as confused as I am, that brings me peace.

Here’s some random retro diaper pics from the archive, such a crinkly little snuggler! I think these were maybe LA or right when I moved to PA? My hair was uber-long there. even longer than it is now! Still peeing my pants tho 😛

Ok friends, have a wonderful evening 🙂 Be sure to get all crinkly if you pee your pants too! Give your stuffers a snug for me ❤

Song of the Day – “Funny Bunny” by The Pillows

3 thoughts on “Daily Post 10/26/20

  1. Hi there! I love your posts. I love your pictures. I’ve been interested in diapers as far back as I can remember. I’d wear 24/7 if I knew where I could find a willing daddy to change my diapers after I’ve used them.

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