Perspective Lost


My last post was an explanation of Perspective and how important it is. This post lays out the consequences when perspective is lost or exploited. It’s gonna get real and ugly and it should make you angry enough to VOTE.

Right now we’re going to need alot of perspective to stay sane. I have been hanging on to the last threads of tolerance for certain political leanings, and occasionally I have to take a step back and try to appreciate their perspective. That doesn’t mean accept or enable them, but to merely try to understand where they’re coming from to best explain my perspective… y’know, the right one. Kidding of course, I am ignorant of many things but when I see people behave against their own interests out of sheer propagated ignorance, it’s important to break them out of that mold. “Respecting others opinions” only goes so far when their opinions are actively harming people. And not harming their ability to afford a Jetski but rather bringing their health and safety into political crosshairs.

Most of us are looking around at a world so full of willful ignorance we can hardly stand it, I for one just want to scream when I see these maskless rallies, just 2 last night in my area. I know those folks will be at my polling place in a weeks time infecting everyone. To be incredibly over dramatic, I may not be alive a month from now because of them, I doubt my poor little lungs could survive Covid. And in the most brutal sense, my death would be a win for them, one less democrat transperson to prey on their children.

For proof of that statement, I just got this text from the “American Principles Project”, a Evangelical Super PAC. This is the perspective they are trying to push. It’s a disingenuous lie and it makes me absolutely furious but that’s their perspective. It’s going to take a wealth of advocacy, patience and truth to change it.

Image of APP PAC impersonating

Unfortunately many people won’t seek out my perspective because they’ve had theirs so consistently manipulated. The text message above is part of a $4 Million Dollar push to attack transpeople in swingstates. They’re using my safety as a wedge issue, they don’t actually care about the safety of children (or they would care about the safety of ALL children), they want to trans folks as a pedophles and use that messaging to get people to think Democrats are too “radical”. They can’t harass the gays anymore so they do it with the trans folks, and there’s way less trans people to defend ourselves (especially w/ money and power). They’ve painted a huge target on our backs while they laugh and make jokes about our deaths.

The greatest enemy of free thought is a manufactured perspective intended to emotionally exploit people for profit and power. There’s a ton of money in confirmation bias and there’s a ton of power in maintaining the Status Quo. Unfortunately, the Status Quo doesn’t work for a lot of people, so I’ve come to really despise all the “SQWs”, the Status Quo Warriors, but I suppose if I was ignorant and weak-willed, any sort of break from my perspective would be seen as a threat to me. Perhaps it would be indecipherable to me, possibly due to not understanding my own privilege (“I’ve worked my whole life, why should someone get a free lunch!”) or because i’ve been lied to (“Why would you vote Democrat, they love killing babies!”) or because i’m just a moron (“If you allow gay marriage someday there won’t be any more procreation!”).

Simply, if we’re going to get anywhere we need to come together and find at least a mutual reality. The things I’m seeing are so exhaustively false, and while its important to be reminded of what we see online is paid promotion/botting/confirmation bias nonsense, I see people IRL pushing these completely unreal narratives. When reading ANYTHING, seek out the authors perspective. If you took the above text message at face value, you’d think a concerned Democrat left the party due to child-endangering policy, when in reality it’s a lie top to bottom. But some people don’t do the research so when I encounter a transphobe, their perspective has this big fat lie lying on top like a pat of bigotry butter on a propaganda pancake.

Keep your perspective fluid. Homestuck could click for me someday and maybe more people will gain empathy for each other. I’m not betting on either, but the only thing I can do in this situation is share my perspective on things and hope it resonates with someone. You could call me an alarmist or overreacting, but if you’re part of certain groups, this election is life or death.

I think Joe B*den (name blanked because I have been receiving tons of anti-biden spam) is a milquetoast good ol’ boy who probably doesn’t give one lick about people like me, but he’s a step in the proper direction (really avoided saying “right” there) and hopefully Dems can be pushed harder and harder left. Would be great to see crazy ideas like access to health care, accountability in politics and law enforcement, civil protections and body autonomy. And hey, maybe even a plan for dealing with a pandemic other “Pretend it doesn’t exist/Blame the Democrats”. So Joe B*den has this diaper girl’s endorsement, i’m sure he’ll be putting out a press release any minute now.

A family member was arguing how insufferable my Democrat Aunt would be if B*den wins. I had to reminded them that if Tr*mp wins, a doctor could legally refuse to see me and let me die on the operating table. They said that’s not true, I sent proof, they changed the subject. They just regurgitate Fox and shuts down whenever their perspective is challenged. With people like that I’m not sure there’s anyway to break through, I learned a LOOONG time ago that money is more important than family to many people, and I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s family would choose a tax break over their childs safety and well being. I just comfort myself by saying they don’t believe because they’re politically ignorant, they don’t read or go outside their pervue or anything, they just watch FOX. Even when the political campaign is over, the boogiemen they create still don’t go away. It’s manufactured fear, it’s insidious and it’s the biggest foe we’re up against.

I’ve hit my limit, thanks for reading. I’m preaching to the choir here I know I just wanted to get all that off my chest. I’m looking forward to next Weds when my poll work is over and all I have to be anxious about is LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE. To gain some perspective though, I’m fit, have a lovely little bear to snuggle and a place to rant about politics if I need be. I try to use this platform for good, but let’s get back to the diapers and fun, shall we?

More stuff soon. Thanks for listening. AND VOTE!

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