Costumes Everyday

Hope everyone is being safe tonight! I don’t really celebrate Halloween, I’m one of those “Everyday is Halloween” kinda people, I dress up in costumes all the time and don’t feel I need a specific day for it. It’s also one of those “Amateur Nights”, I was recently quoted in Glamour Magazine about this.

Back in Sacramento I loved Halloween, there was this big event called Trash Film Orgy I was cast for from like 2002-2009. First time I ever went out as a girl, though it wasn’t really as a girl, more like “haha funny look i’m wearing a dress for a lark, ignore the perfect makeup done by my dearest friend and perfect shoes and hair and my sudden confidence, it’s just a bit of fun” Here’s a video from Trash Film Orgy back then if you want to see little tiny baby Riley, though this wasn’t on Halloween.

Nowadays I stay in on Halloween. I still wear costumes of all sorts, but tonight I’d like to remind myself there’s just one costume i’ll never wear again. Not to hide myself or to appease anyone, i’m always going to be me 😛 These pics were from a wedding maybe 10 years ago? Probably the last time I ever went by male pronouns, quite some time after I started socially transitioning. Feels good to know the monkey suit will never return to my back. Though I could see wearing a suit now to rock some kinda sexy Cabaret look.

These photos were taken a couple weeks after…

Funny how things can change 😛 I guess that’s why I don’t like Halloween, I spent so much of my life pretending to be someone else maybe I just don’t see the appeal now.

Hope everyone has a lovely, safe night. Hug your stuffers for me ❤

Riley K.

Also, bonus 18 Year old Riley, aeeeye such a wee bairn!

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