Daily Post 10/21/20

Evening friends! I’m snuggled up under a blankie, watching a PBS documentary on Pandas with my little stuffed Panda ❀ Busy girl today, installed some cool home security stuff, got a dashcam, making sure me and the stuffies are safe πŸ™‚

I also wrote quite a bit more about 24/7 and “Diaper Lifestyle” thing. Wonder if saying “Diaper Lifestyle” instead of “Diaper Lover”, would be good, but I also suppose they could be different things. I think of it very casually like “Juicer Life” or “Jogger Life”, like something that you integrate into your life but isn’t like a religion. I just didn’t like “Diaper Lover”, “Lover” isn’t applied to many other interests like that. Just always sounded a little overzealous for me, but at the same time I do love diapers :p

Just thinking, doing lots of crinkle studies and getting up to date with some things i’ve lost track of in the ABDL world. Seems like i’m seeing new creatives and content creators everyday. Feeling a little intimidated to be honest, so many cool people and patreons out there!

Hugs from the Panda and I! Hope everyone’s having a snuggly night ❀

My little bamboo ❀
Soggy snugs from my latest StayKinky video πŸ™‚

Diaper Lifestyle Pt. 1: 14 Years of Soggy Studies

Hi there friends! It’s a special day, it’s been 14 years since I started writing this site! Here I am, PA instead of CA, 34 instead of 20, wearing fancy Pink MegaMax’s instead of Depends. ABDL diapers sure have gotten cuter in the last 14 years, I’m also cuter (and more self-confident) now too πŸ˜›

I was looking back at my first 2 posts and had a little laugh, the first post is “I’m Going 24/7 WOOOO!” and the second post, the next day, is “Here’s why I didn’t stay 24/7”. Very reflective of the next 14 years, lots of ups and downs and starts and stops. Instead of making a big celebratory post about 14 years of blogging and all the exciting things coming up, i’d like to go back to the roots and talk about going 24/7.

I’ll be talking personal history, challenges and some key tips and tricks i’ve found over the years. I’m also avoiding “24/7” and going with “Diaper Lifestyle” or “DL” as a term, something that will evolve and change as we talk about it. So here we go!

First, there’s a plethora of resources out there if you’re looking for immediate info, guides, videos etc, here’s a random guide for wetting/messing I just googled ( https://babyfurcommunity.org/doc/Practical247.pdf ) to give you an idea of what’s out there. I would encourage you to avoid the guides from BedwettingABDL/Deeker for good reasons I won’t get into now. You can find discussion/support of varying quality and other 24/7 folks occasionally on Reddit’s r/ABDL.

As I’m writing and thinking more on this I feel it becoming something much larger (like a well-wet diaper). A Diapered Lifestyle in our current world can be a necessity, especially for those of us that were already averse to public restrooms. Right before Covid I wore diapers out of the house about 50% of the time, I could use a public restroom if I needed to wash my hands and in an absolute pinch to pee, but if I knew I was going to be out for long or was feeling sensitive I would diaper up. Since March, I’ve been in diapers for every outing, though the amount of outings have significantly decreased. I can’t risk infection for a number of reasons, so I’ve been extra 100% careful. My outings have included some thickly diapered business travel, but mostly just thickly diapered grocery store and thrift store trips, and I haven’t seen the inside of a public restroom but to wash my hands, all thanks to diapers.

I don’t like public restrooms. I have horror stories some of you may know, some that you’d hear and think “Wow, no wonder she’d never want to go into a Public Bathroom again”. I have deep-seated public bathroom anxiety, I simply can’t use the bathroom comfortably knowing strangers can hear me or are waiting. I’ve always been like this and it was one of those things that drinking took the edge off of, but there’s certainly a healthier solution and it’s right between my legs!

Transgirl Limit Break Paragraph ahead watch out:

It also doesn’t help that there’s various evangelical/conservative funded hate groups making my bathroom choice a wedge issue. They politicize my peeing, so I’m going to do whatever I choose to maintain a high quality of life. Like most bigotry, there is no compromise that will make them happy, so to hell with them. These bastards have potentially made restrooms unsafe for me, and noone has the right to criticize my diaper wearing. They will anyway, but again, to hell with them! We’ve only got one go, don’t let the naysayers prevent you from living your best life. It sounds so cheesy and saccharine but gosh darn it, i’m a Proud Diaper Girl for life ❀

Anyway, I’ve been avoiding putting out “Diapers are so great during Covid!” posts because I want to do something legit with that idea, I’d love to use this as a way to talk about rational self-acceptance of diaper wearing. I’m quoted saying the ABDL community isn’t trying to convert anyone… but I must take the mask off now. This site and my various media appearances have been a brainwashing psy-op with the intention of converting as many people into drooling, diaper-wetting babies as possible. I’ve been fairly successful so far and Phase 2 is about to begin…

In all seriousness, I think there’s a real case for practical 24/7 Diaper Wearing and would love to put together some good information about the best ways to live a Diapered Lifestyle.

Next post will be thoughts on my personal experience with 24/7, followed by some posts the coming weeks detailing the best ways to handle a fully Diapered Lifestyle. We’ll be talking brands, skincare, clothing, fit, eco-friendliness and all aspects of Diapering! I’m not expecting to do the “traditional” 24/7 anytime soon but will be diapered often, I’ll talk about that next post.

Thanks for all the support over the years ❀ Talk soon and StayDiapered!

(thought i’d share one of my favorite pics for my anniversary <3)

Blue and the other colors

Last Content Warning for a while: bit’ of sad stuff ahead, then lots of smiles!


Jazz Legend Bleedin’ Gums Murphy once said “Singing the blues isn’t about making yourself feel better, it’s about making other people feel worse”

The last 5 days I’ve sat down every morning and tried to write something ABDL, write about peeing my pants or one of the brand new diapers I have… but everything that’s coming out is depressing, sardonic or preachy. Life has been really tough for everyone lately and I’m certainly having my share of challenges. Today’s posts going to be about direction and focusing on the positive. So let’s get out some sad stuff first.

It seems I can’t go 2 posts without mentioning a friend that’s passed. Specifically my friend Bill Chill, who did some filming and graphic design for this site (including my current header) and was a cool artist and gentle friend. I just found out and am very sad. Message me if you were mutual friends (Chicago/CAP people) and want to talk.

I’m not numb to it, I’m just numb to talking about it. I’m the kind of sad that just needs some time and bear snuggles.

So I’m going to bank some writing, I’ve got drafts and notes and red-string connecting it all together with some eventual plan for posts/pages of a book. Everyone and my mother has been pushing me to write a legit book, so I think i’m going to take all my profound feelings and sardonic worldview and work towards something real. I overuse “Sardonic” because I grew up on Daria and read a lot of Sedaris, I’d love to write a book with that Jean Shepherd/David Sedaris style Essay structure. Something full of laughs and tears and shocking moments of depravity, all that good stuff! I also love to see what a professional editor could do with some of my drafts, get better at grammar and syntax and all that because sometimes I no write so good.

I’ve always wanted this site to be a bright space online, one where people can come to feel warm and loved, to read my story and see themselves in it. We’re adults and we can tackle adult issues, but I feel there’s a time and place. I shant (I also overuse shant, in the sense that I use it at all) be ignoring my feelings or the icky sticky parts of AB/DL/Trans life, I’m just going to open the drapes for a while. Let’s be little together, talk about crinkles and bears πŸ™‚

It’s going to be a tough couple weeks, I’m mainly stressing about the election from a citizens perspective but also worrying about working it. I’ve been a diligent poll worker and my polling site really needs me this time, but I’m super nervous about getting sick. I have been 1000% Cautious and safe and not eating out or going anywhere really, but this poll working thing is a civic duty IMO and I can;t . Money where your mouth is moment. Will probably be a lot less anxious and miserable when this is all over, thanks for bearing with me. And I’m still confidently 3 weeks+ nicotine free, life is good, I’m happy and safe, just need to remind myself of that sometimes.

Moving forward, consider this site a cuddly little space! Sad posts will be spread out and clearly marked. Starting in 6 days (my 14 year-anniversary!) I’m going to be putting out daily posts and other fun stuff. Fresh start, fresh diapers, fresh outlook.

So that’s that, packing away the Content Warnings and pulling out the NSFW warnings! I’ve recently went through my 200+ kinky and/or ABDL videos and organized/updated them, now I’m moving on to my photos so you’ll be seeing lots of retro pics and memories! Over the years I’ve served as a constant reminder that life, love, success are not all straight lines. There’s ups and downs, wins and losses, sad days and ones filled with happiness and contentment. Living an authentic life is the goal, every other moment of joy is a bonus πŸ™‚ Thanks for following on my journey, cute diaper pics, new video, audio (i’ve been threatening a podcast for a while) and all that coming soon.

I have a new little Raccoon friend to cheer me on and all the kind comments and messages from ya’ll ❀ Thanks for all the support, more smiles on their way! I’m off to change out of my morning crinkles and get busy livin’ πŸ™‚ Hugs!

Riley ❀

Why I love IsoStorytime!

Hi there friends! As you know, I’ve been having tons of fun with the IsoStorytime crew, reading stories and doing little groups! It’s like a little online ABDL convention with stories, music, talents and games! It’s fun for everyone especially plushies, stuffies and bears πŸ™‚

I made a little video talking about all the fun you can have at ISO Storytime πŸ™‚ Hope you like it!

Thanks for watching and don’t forget to check out their coloring pages too! Hope everyone is well, more stuffy stuff soon!