Daily Posts 11/01-11/05

UPDATE: I’m going to be compiling my experience into *something* in the future and will leave this be for now. New post about diaper adventures coming tomorrow morning as well as a continuation of my “Diaper Lifestyle” series ❤

Hey there friends! Just going to be updating this post with some pics and stuff over the upcoming few days so feel free to check back… will be taking a break from here until the day of the election then liveblogging it to let folks know i’m ok. Be sure to get out and vote if you haven’t already!

Will keep you posted, hope everyone is feeling safe and snuggly after the spooky night last night!

Hugs ❤ Seeya Tuesday!

I’ll update this Thursday morning, slept all day 🙂 Calling it a night, a few more tweets RileyBBQ on Twitter! Have a good night ❤

One thought on “Daily Posts 11/01-11/05

  1. Looking forward to more pictures and videos. Please enjoy your break . Looking for you to be refreshed with new postings. Please be safe and more snuggles sent your way.

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