Daily Post 11/08/20

Couple quick things:

First, Been loving the Attends Premiere, so big and fluffy ❤

I got halfway into my Garden Adventure post, got distracted and made this little pic, the first one was going around on twitter, “What do you wear to bed” so I had some fun with it. Sunny Gardens post tomorrow ❤

In upcoming content related news, I absolutely loooove the Yakuza games, they are wacky fun and are pretty kink friendly, the only game to have an ABDL Nursery, this new one looks to have ABDL stuff too. Keep an eye out for a Pinball FX3 stream then a Yakuza Like A Dragon stream when it’s released on Weds. Good way to get back into the public show groove is streaming some games, will be fun to hangout! I’ll be posting the link here and on Twitter when I’m ready to go. Just some friendly video game fun 🙂

Also, this guy has been posting about Raccoons ~ https://youtu.be/fqe9OcXkFlk ~ I don’t generally like interfering with wildlife but this Canadian guy has been doing it for a while and I don’t know but there’s lots of raccoons if you wanna see em’. I have been loving my little Raccoon buddy lately ❤

Talk soon friends ❤ Sending snuggly Raccoon hugs!

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