Garden Party

Hey there friends! I have some pics to share from a recent trip to a lovely Garden here in PA ❤

I woke up in a soggy MegaMax, got all cleaned up and into a Abena DeltaForm M3 and ready for Adventure ❤

I went to some outlets as soon as they opened to do a little winter shopping, picked up a bunch of Overalls and some other cuteness, will do a haul post soon ❤ My first time going to an actual non-thrift clothing store in forever and I splurged, I love overalls ❤ Went to Justice which is a great place to find little clothes in adult sizes.

Crinkled around some lovely gardens, the place was completely empty and had a chance to take some serene pics and play around with my camera. I am not a photographer by any means but invested in a proper camera for video so I’m finally learning how to take real pictures… slowly but surely. Nowadays most indie people like me shoot video on DSLR-esq cameras (or phones) due to their affordability and versatility, and I’ve been really expanding my knowledge base now that i’m one of them. DSLR’s also have massive customization compared to the Camcorders/DV cameras I’ve shot on all my life and have been starting at the basics again. I am more “taking pictures of stuff” that I am “photographing”, so don’t judge these with any professional eye.

I like Goosers 😛 It’s like a gourd with a cup fashioned to look like a Goosy beak, very cute 😛 I also made a little 2 second video there, but my camera was setup for my room and not outdoors so it came out all weird and bright. I’m a little weird and bright anyway thought, so here it is 😛

It was a lovely day out, I will be sharing the crinkly parts of this adventure tomorrow… I posted all these and forgot there were diaper pics to go along 😛 Come back tomorrow, for now Goodnite! I’m a sleepy baby 😛 Thanks for reading!

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