Garden Potty

I was sooooooo not into the mood to be a crinkly baby the couple weeks before the election… I love diapers for getting away from big-girl time, but sometimes big-girlness overwhelms. I’m getting better at the balance tho, I don’t anticipate anything being nearly as stressful as the last 2 months… It’s been 50 days today too, feeling good 🙂 So the last week I have been one crinkly babby, it’s been lovely to get back into my diapers ❤ And also posting RECENT pics again!

I’ve been enjoying exploring some of the more quite places around PA, still frequenting thrift stores in the early morning when even the older folks haven’t made their way out yet. This garden was so serene and the weather was warm and cozy 😛 My sweater came up a bit while taking a pic so you could see I was plenty padded, it was quite fun to just romp around in the sun, not worrying about getting home to change or use the potty, just using my diapers like a good girl! The first pics are the Megamax’s I wore the nights before and the blue diapers are the Abena Delta-Form M3’s. Also random Raccoon Cuteness ❤

I have some videos to make this week so I’m off to start my day and get to work! I’ll have a nice shower and do some body maintenance while the Bears work on ideas. Such creative little bears I have ❤

Thanks for reading! Bears and I send hugs ❤

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