Daily Post 11/12/20

Been a busy baby lately! Stormy weather here in PA, warm bear hugs are much needed. I’m nearly past the point of having to worry about any virus stuff from the election, so I have put both of those things out of my mind (I just mentioned them…)

This morning I had to make a video for this week as I’ve been doing weekly videos for the last couple months and part of that process is cleaning up with an enema. I don’t always do the enema stuff with diapers but today I did. It was nice… I got out my little changing mat and bulb enema and took care of business :p

I changed out in the shower, did some body maintenance and made a lovely little StayKinky video. I was considering making an abdl video today but I ended up getting caught up doing some life stuff, I need to do a little bit more planning before I actually make some YouTube videos I know I’ve been very slow about that… I’m gettin’ there!

So I had a lovely morning, made some video, took a too long nap and cooked up some Feta-Burgers. It was a little bakery I visit to get fresh buns, makes alllll the difference. Speaking of fresh buns, took some pics yesterday morning…

I was a pretty soggy girl in my Forsite AMPM yesterday morning, I guess they have a new lavender kind also, gonna check them out. You know I love North Shore but I got a case of the pink MegaMax’s and while I like them a lot, the Forsites just felt differently… I really like the Forsites, they are incredibly babyish. My preferences change over time though so who knows. I do believe I will be getting some of the lavender is very soon though ❤

I totally thought that I had made a review of the Forsites but turns out that was the Beyond XP review. Forsite review incoming! I really wanna talk about these 🙂

Ok, more soon, thanks for reading! And I missed a day yesterday but that’s going to occasionally happen, i’m thinking more about the formatting and putting out a weekly/bi-weekly newsletter/magazine situation, something like a StayDiaperedDigest ~ Lots of ideas!

<3<3 seeya tomorrow!

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