Daily Post 11/15/20

I got a good night’s sleep feeling energized and ready to take on the world. It’s a short one today, with the tiny little lesson at the end.

I made a little video on my phone to show off my blog, it took me avout 15 tries to do it properly and even then it’s a bit wonky.

A daily reminder that in life you’re not always going to be great at everything, sometimes life takes some patience. I can get frustrated at things that ultimately have very simple solution. Mindfulness helps, just taking a moment to stop, collaborate and listen. Take a breath and start over. Every gamer knows that when they’re on a tough spot usually you can come back an hour later and beat it first try. That applies to most things especially when it comes to creativity. The best cure for writer’s block is some fresh air, the best way to keep from getting stressed out giving up entirely is to just take a breath.

I often times will write something and then come back a few hours later before I publish it and I didn’t do that last night, leaving me to sort of mentally edit all night, even going back and deleting/rewording things multiple times. Should have just given it that air and come back with fresh eyes. That’s why naps are so great 🙂

That’s all for today, tune in soon for more of my Diaper Lifestyle series, haven’t gotten my head back into that space yet really though I have been quite crinkly 🙂 I’m feeling good, more stuff soon! Hugs ❤

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