It’s Been 2 Weeks

Hey there friends! The Bearnaked Ladies were an awesome band. The Old Apartment, If I had a Million Dollars, Pinch Me, so many greats. One Week was pretty good too but overplayed, it always reminds me of brushing my teeth while being driven to school. Canadian bands are awesome (Cub!) I think I’m a Canadian deep down, I like cheese curds, I once had a Genny Cream Ale, I like the cold and love Goosers and Raccoons. I think I’m going to marry that Raccoon guy on Youtube for Canadian citizenship and just wear overalls everyday and cuddle ‘coons in the snow.

Retro pics today! I had posted that Paci Pic of me in the baby diapers and wanted to follow up with that whole set ❤ These are like, 2008 era? Size 6 Baby Diapers and the Original Underjams!

These were taken during a brief stint in Mass, a time of my life that I don’t revisit often. I had really long, lush hair and wasn’t happy outside of that. I was trying to transition and confused about my path, on top of that being in a somewhat unsafe situation in a very unfamiliar place. This is around when the Underjams first came out so I was still trying to blog and keep folks updated, but my content from that era is a little embarrassing now.

Good or bad, I was making stuff! I know it’s been a month since my last video and longer since my last review or storytime, thanks for being patient, I love making content but I REALLY needed to take a moment while I got some stuff squared away in my life. It’s been 2 Weeks since the Election, done quarantining and feeling good. I actually got a good nights sleep last night which was fannntastic, woke up energized and horny.

Looking at these pics really reminds me of all the stuff that’s happened in my life, i’m so lucky to be a click away from my memories. I’ve been working more seriously on constructing a book from my adventures, though like so many things I need to start at the basics and start from there. I’m awful at grammar and have little to know formal training, I slept my way through school… you reach a point where “winging it” doesn’t cut it anymore and you either have to learn it yourself or pay someone. Editing video is something that I have to learn/do myself, but to get serious about publishing i’m going to have to pitch this book to a legit publisher. I think with the right editor I could really go far with this thing, a Sedaris style memoir of my adventures be they in travel, diapers, porn or any of the other worlds i’ve inhabited. I have thankfully already written much of it down, just on napkins and bathroom walls.

But in the meantime ~ I need to get back into diaper vloggin’. I hate to be so mercantile, but I make 0 money directly from Youtube as my videos are not ad-supported. I have been hard at work maintaining my content on my paysite and planning some ad-supported YT content on another channel, as well as posting a new storytime this week. I love doing the ABDL videos and will be expanding my Patreon to allow for direct support/early release of my content, but it’s taking me a while and I appreciate everyone’s patience. I’m being gentle with myself, as we all should during these times. I want this site to be consistent and stable, the same goes for myself, so I’m not over doing anything.

So there’s much happening behind the scenes, thanks for stickin’ with me and I’ll have a new Storytime and Review coming soon, I’m going to spend the afternoon organizing some things and getting ready to shoot ❤ I have spent a ton of time and money getting my Size 7 project going (which could be considered a documentary by this point) and will be debuting that by Christmas.

More soon ❤ Going to stop saying what i’m going to do and instead go do the thing. That sentence should tell you how in need of an editor I really am. I just learned what a Split Infinitive is and I’ve been writing most of my adult life, I have been paid more than once to write copy for people. This is just your daily reminder that a fair amount of people are just flying by the seat of their pants 😛

Go forth and with confidence! Busy busy day ahead, bears and I are doing well, hope you are toooo! Be good and talk soon ❤

One thought on “It’s Been 2 Weeks

  1. I’m so glad to hear that you are doing ok. Glad you are energized and all. Take your time putting together your blogs and videos. Don’t rush. I have been reading and watching your blogs and videos since 2008. I feel like I have grown with you and your knowledge of wisdom

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