Oh Heck! Diaper Check!

Hey there friends! New little Diapercheck video today and new storytime coming ASAP! Keep an eye on StayDiapered.com for lots of newwww stuff! Kicking into high gear with the video stuff here, getting a legit shooting schedule and am finally figuring out my fancy new gear 🙂

This is just a little face-to-face, bear-to-bear check-up, Cincy is a little ham in this one 🙂 I’ll be doing some little diaper reviews while I work on my baby diaper doc, I have another project that might take over for a little bit, but expect quite a few stories this holiday season including the Simpsons Christmas Story and some Dylan Thomas for all my Cymru out there ❤

Hope you enjoy the video, just a quick little one, more big poofy videos soon ❤

Oh, and a big surprise today, my Youtube has 10k people subscribed! I’d like to do something special so let’s keep it hush hush for now, act surprised if I bring it up again 😛

Just want to say that I’m very grateful for all the subs and support, we’ve come a long way ❤ Hugs and so much more coming your way!

2 thoughts on “Oh Heck! Diaper Check!

  1. Thanks Riley,
    For caring ❤ so much for the rest of lonely littles.
    I’ve been in and out of the hospital several times about being little and the associated struggles that go along with the Anxiety around it.I appreciate that you take the time to see how others are feeling.

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