Daily Post 11/08/20

Couple quick things:

First, Been loving the Attends Premiere, so big and fluffy ❤

I got halfway into my Garden Adventure post, got distracted and made this little pic, the first one was going around on twitter, “What do you wear to bed” so I had some fun with it. Sunny Gardens post tomorrow ❤

In upcoming content related news, I absolutely loooove the Yakuza games, they are wacky fun and are pretty kink friendly, the only game to have an ABDL Nursery, this new one looks to have ABDL stuff too. Keep an eye out for a Pinball FX3 stream then a Yakuza Like A Dragon stream when it’s released on Weds. Good way to get back into the public show groove is streaming some games, will be fun to hangout! I’ll be posting the link here and on Twitter when I’m ready to go. Just some friendly video game fun 🙂

Also, this guy has been posting about Raccoons ~ https://youtu.be/fqe9OcXkFlk ~ I don’t generally like interfering with wildlife but this Canadian guy has been doing it for a while and I don’t know but there’s lots of raccoons if you wanna see em’. I have been loving my little Raccoon buddy lately ❤

Talk soon friends ❤ Sending snuggly Raccoon hugs!


Hey there friends! I’ve been so excited about my daily posts it’s been tough taking a few much-needed days off around working the election and stuff! I did quite a bit of pre-election setup as well so it’s been a busy time altogether. I had to take a couple days to recover after, do all the laundry and pornography I had I had put off for a few days.

This is also coming hot off of my quitting smoking so it seems like the last 49 days (!!!) have been a haze of adjustment and anticipation. Now that the election is over and the dust has settled, I have a couple weeks of worrying about having caught something and then free and clear… but i’m doing fine, though we went through hundreds and hundreds of people I kept as safe as I could. I usually do the books so I’m saying the name and/or checking documents/having the people sign… on top of everything my voice has been pretty wrecked. I don’t talk about this often but I was in speech therapy and stuff when I was a kid, I have maybe “yelled” a dozen times in my life and my voice wears easy. So i’ve been having my throat soothing tea and keeping Shtum, as the Dutch say 😛

And for those that are REALLY paying attention, my Dad’s surgery went well, thanks for the kind words. It’s been a heck of a month!

I was eating a corn dog yesterday thinking to myself “I don’t have anything in particular to be stressed about”, that’s a good and incredibly rare feeling. There was always this background noise of “You’re a constant failure who can’t take control of their own life” and I seem to have much more self-confidence now. I don’t look any different yet when I see myself now, I see a more beautiful person. We add our subconscious criticism when we see ourselves, the same glance in the mirror could elicit different results depending on our emotional state. That comes back to perspective of course and my current perspective is that i’m one cute babygirl!

This is where I have to make good on my promises. More video, stories, pics and everything ABDL soon! Will be sharing some cute pics and talking about my Garden trip tomorrow and then i’ll be back to my “Diaper Lifestyle” project! Thanks everyone, more and more sooooon!

The NSFW GIF Below is from my new StayKinky video, this about melted my PC but it was fun playing with new techniques! So excited about the future, thanks for coming along ❤

~ Riley K.

Daily Posts 11/01-11/05

UPDATE: I’m going to be compiling my experience into *something* in the future and will leave this be for now. New post about diaper adventures coming tomorrow morning as well as a continuation of my “Diaper Lifestyle” series ❤

Hey there friends! Just going to be updating this post with some pics and stuff over the upcoming few days so feel free to check back… will be taking a break from here until the day of the election then liveblogging it to let folks know i’m ok. Be sure to get out and vote if you haven’t already!

Will keep you posted, hope everyone is feeling safe and snuggly after the spooky night last night!

Hugs ❤ Seeya Tuesday!

I’ll update this Thursday morning, slept all day 🙂 Calling it a night, a few more tweets RileyBBQ on Twitter! Have a good night ❤