Daily Post 12/18/20

Hey there friends! Been a busy few days of snowstorms, shovelin’ and bear snugglin’. Will share some snuggly pics tomorrow as well as a new holiday story coming this weekend!

Tonight I have a little clip from my latest video, showing off my diapering skills 😛

More stuff soon, pardon the silence on the blog, been a wild week! More soooon ❤

3 thoughts on “Daily Post 12/18/20

  1. I wish I had someone to help with diapering me. Wearing them is the easy part. Using them is the easy part. Cleaning myself can be done, but it’s a challenge, not to mention doing it over again.

    • I wish I had a daddy to diaper me and change my diapers after I’ve used them. Pee, poop, whatever. I like disposable diapers, I like cloth diapers and waterproof pants. I like onesies, I like footed blanket sleepers. 🙂

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